Monday, June 13, 2005

Update on the Family!

Well, where do I begin?! I haven't written a blog in almost a month and a half! Talk about crazy! I have just been so caught up in work and home, I haven't written. I had time to write a few times, but I knew I had a lot to say, but wouldn't have enough time to write it all. So, here goes!

First things First! My sister, Rach, is getting married on June 26th to her boyfriend of three years, Derek Phillips. We are all so excited and happy for them. It's going to be a beautiful wedding. I can't wait.

Beka is in her last semester of cosmotology school. She graduates in August! I am so excited for her. She works at a salon right now, Visible Changes, but she is thinking about working at Toni & Guy instead. I am so happy and excited for her! She has been working very hard. I know that she will do great!

Susanna is in her last summer of highschool. She starts her Senior Year this fall. I can't believe it! She has grown up so fast, without us even realizing. I know it will definitely be a HUGE reality check when we watch her walk across that stage! WOW! I don't think I'm quite ready for that!

Colton is growing up so quickly. He loves being outside! He helps my dad water the yard. I think that's his favorite hold the hose and water the "pretty flowers" and have my dad water him!!! It's so cute. He has a little pool that he climbs in and out of constantly, putting his toys in and out. He's such a busy player. It's great! He is also in the process of potty training...yes, I know, "he's still so young". Well, when your kid tells you he needs to pooh pooh, don't you take him to the potty. Well, that's what we are doing with Colton. He is a Pro at Dianne's house during the day, but he is having a harder time at home in the evenings. I know that we aren't making it as easy on him since our schedules are so different, but we are slowly getting the hang of it. He is so smart! I am just truly blessed to have such a sweet son...even though he does test my patience often enough! But, without that, it would be boring! Nah, he's a sweetie/cutie! I love him to pieces!

As for me, well a lot has been going on. Most of you know, but for those of you who don't, Caleb and I are getting a divorce. We have been talking about it since January, but went back and forth with our decision until the first of May when we made it final. I am meeting with the attorney this week to get the process started. We want to have everything final before he leaves for Iraq in October. I'm sure you are all asking "why?", well, we are just not happy. We want different things. When we look back at when our relationship started, it was obviously a rocky beginning. And had things been different, we probably would not have gotten married. We do not regret our decision of getting married. It has just not worked out quite as we had hoped. We have not been happy with eachother. And for a while now, have just been sticking it out for Colton. Well, that can only take you so far. After many long talks, we have decided that it's not only the best thing for us, but also for Colton. He needs something steady that he can count on. I don't want him to grow up with parents that fight all the time, so we are avoiding that altogether. Caleb will still be apart of our lives, of course! He will always be Colton's father. It's just that he and I will end our relationship. Please keep us in your prayers, as we will need them immensely! I am sad that it has come to this, but I am excited about what God holds for me and Colton in the future. I know that He holds us in the palm of His hand, and that we will never be alone. As for the near future, I am going to start a couple night classes in the fall. I want to finish my degree, even though it may take a while! And Colton will continue at Dianne's, where I know he is well loved and cared for!

I hope this clears up a lot. I'm sorry I have fallen off the wagon with my blog, I've just been a bit busy! I plan on updating more often. I hope everyone is doing great!