Friday, December 8, 2006

Fridays! Weekends! Visits from Rach & Hud! Veggie Tales! Dr.'s Visits! Winning money for singing on the Radio! WooHoo!!

Well, I'm not at my home computer, so I can't post pics. But, I can update!

It's Friday! I love Fridays! I hope today flies by. Rach & Hud are coming to visit today. I'm so excited!!! We get to go shopping, get the boys' pictures taken, go to the movies, hang out, chat it up, etc! I'm excited! Although I am sad that Derek doesn't get to come, Colton is sad too, but it will be fun just the girls...well, and Colt & Hud & Dad! But, you guys know what I mean!

Anyway, last Saturday night, my mom, Colton & I went to see Veggie Tales Christmas Live! It was so cool! Colton loved it. It was really neat! My mom got the tickets for us. It was great! There were guys and girls that danced and sang with the "Veggies". It was really quite entertaining...even to us Moms! The Veggies mouths moved and their eyes moved. Pretty cool. But, I have to say that the funniest part, hands down, was when the black part of one of Bob the Tomatoes' eyes came off, and he had one eye that looked like it had rolled in the back of his head!!! It was hilarious! We were rolling. It took them about 15 seconds to realize what had happened, so then Bob turned around and had his back facing us for the remainder of the song, and then one of the girls, while saying her part, non-chalontly (sp) put his eye back on! It was great! Mom and I were laughing for like 10 minutes...and then on the way home! Pretty funny! You probably had to be there! Anyway, we will definitely go again next year...but bring Hudson along too!!!

Now for the next update...I took Colton to the doctor on Wednesday for his checkup!!! Since we missed his 2 year checkup, we had to make up for that. I was a bit worried he would have to have a ton of shots, but he only needed one shot. So, we got that shot and the flu shot. He weighed in at 35.6 (I think she miscalculated...I think he weighs more, but oh well) and he is 38 inches tall. So, 3 feet, 2 inches!!! He is 75% for weight and about 73% for height!! So, he's pretty evened out! He's definitely slimming down! (and for all of you moms who think I'm terrible for not taking him to his 2 year checkup, we went at like 22 months, and then his doctor quit, so we had to change doctors. and then the pediatric department decided to close down. so I had to find a completely new doctor's office. Plus, with his insurance, Army insurance, we have to submit our Primary Care Physician to them before we can go there. It's kinda a lengthy process. But, i'm not complaining. Insurance is free. Dr.'s visits are free. And his meds are either $9 or $4. So, it's all good!) So, I have a healthy boy! Oh, during the visit, since it's a physical, they have to check EVERYTHING!!! So, when it came time to check his piener, he didn't want me to take his underwear off. He was crossing his legs and covering up himself with his hands. It was too cute. He was embarrassed!!! It was too cute! That's about THE only time in his little 3-year life that he has ever been embarrassed! Too cute!

What's next? Let's see? Oh, I won $100 American Express giftcard on the radio yesterday! I had to finish the Christmas song. It was Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you"! Pretty fun! I was very excited!

Well, I think that's it for now! I guess I should get back to work. I can't wait to see you, Rach! Everyone, have a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Colton's 3rd Birthday Party!

Finally!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who were patient, thanks! For those of you who weren't, serves you right to have to wait for pictures!! ;)

Anyway, Colton's birthday, or IncrediParty, was a blast! He had so much fun with all of his little friends! We rented a moonwalk...that was a huge hit! Below are some pics! Enjoy!

Colton & Hudson before the party! They were hungry, so Uncle Derek went and picked up some food from Chick-fil-A, or "Chick-the-leg" as Colt calls it!!

Colton & his friend Garret that lives down the street! They always have so much fun playing together. And there, in the background, is Dad playing along with "the boys"!

Dad, Mom & Colt opening presents! It was a family effort!

Not just a family effort, but all of Colton's little friends wanted to help! It was a lot of fun! They really got into it!

Colton & his friend Carter!
Hudson was helping unwrap too!
All the boys helping Colton blow out his candle!

A Few More Pics!

The birthday boy and Daddy eating a cupcake! Yummy!
I love this picture of Hayden! She looks so precious! She was actually quite scared to be in there by, I jumped in there with her! So cute!

Hudson & Hayden! Are they precious, or what! I just want to squish both of them!

Hudson enjoying his cupcake! What a mess! Glad I didn't have to clean him up! ;)

Hudson & Ty! Are they cute or what!

Hudson was helping Papa mow the patio! He's such a good helper!

And a Couple More Pics!

Mimi holding Hallie...and getting her "baby fix"! All of us moms took turns getting our "baby fix"!

Colt playing with 1 of 4 of his new T-ball sets! How fun! I guess we will have a baseball player on our hands!! ;)

Carter playing ball!

Colt's new truck from Daddy!

That's all Folks! I'm pooped!

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Today's my first day at my new job!!!

Yes, I know, I am terrible about keeping everyone informed, including my best of friends. But yes, it's true, I am starting a new job today! I am working for a different title company, doing a lot of the same stuff, and I get to work with my friend that left my old job back in June! So, I am pretty excited!

I'm sorry I haven't posted birthday pics yet, but I promise to do that this weekend! I actually have the weekend free, except for one wedding! So, I have extra freetime!

Have a great day! I can't wait to share. Hopefully I won't trip or something or have something in my teeth! But, if I do, that will just break the ice!!!!!

Love ya,

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Incrediboy!!!

Yes, today is Colton's 3rd Birthday! I have spent the day running down memory lane! And then tonight my family and I took him to eat at Panchos...yes, Panchos...for yummy mexican food. Mainly so they could sing him Happy Birthday and put the sombrero on his head. Well, they didn't have a sombrero, but he did have his Incredibles costume on, so he still looked pretty dang cute! I will post pics this week...I promise!

And yes, I am still alive...just been busy as ever! Caleb is back from Iraq, so we've been visiting him a bit. He gets to come to the party...definitely excited about that one!

Well, I'm off to bed...actually, my Incrediboy is kicking the wall next to his aunt NooNee's room, so I have to go be stern and tell him no more kicking! After that, it's off to bed. Pictures will follow...very soon!


Thursday, September 7, 2006

4 Months to the Day!

So, I said I would try to post closer together, maybe 3 months instead of 4 months apart...yeah, that didn't happen! But, if at first you don't succeed, try try again! So, I will try again!

Anyway, not much new. Colton will be 3 next month! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! Man, time doesn't just fly, it zooms by! My baby is now a kid...probably considered a preschooler! Try and swallow that one! Tough, I know! He's doing good! Learning anything and everything he can! Dianne has run out of things to teach him, so now it's time to learn to read, I guess! Always been a smart kid! And he loves Veggie Tales. He sings along with the songs. I love to hear him sing! He will sing in his room, in the car, everywhere! It's the cutest thing. Someday, I will get it on video and post it on here...but probably not for a couple of years, cause that's the timeline I'm on! lol Anyway, his favorite color is green, and his new favorite things to eat are sandwiches! He likes turkey and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly. Cute kid! He is out of the highchair, and in the booster seat...the same booster seat his Aunt NooNee used about 15-16 years ago! How fun is that! So yeah, he's doing great!

As for me, I'm doing great! I planned on taking several classes this summer, but only ended up taking one. But, I got an A, so that's good! Still working the same job! Just got a promotion...don't have to answer the phones anymore! HUGE!! Pretty happy about that one! Nothing much else going one, just taking every day as it comes! Just enjoying life, and enjoying Colton!

As for Caleb, he is scheduled to come home next month! Yup, it's already been almost a whole year since he left for Iraq! Colton is ready to see him. He's been asking for "my dad" a lot lately. He knows he's coming home soon, so, I guess that's why he's talking about him so much more lately. We will all be glad to have him back home safe and sound! One special thing is that he should be home in time for Colton's birthday. This will be the first birthday for him to spend with Colton. The first, he was in his Army training, and the second he had just left for Iraq. So, he and I are planning this party together. Looking forward to not being the only parent at this party, and getting to share it with Caleb!

So, that's my update for now! Enjoy the next couple of "blobs". I have tons more pics, but not enough time. Hope everybody is doing great! Here's a few pics:

My Nephew!

So, my nephew, Hudson Michael, is almost 1...I can't believe it! He's gotten so big...and he is so dang cute...I can't get over it! I found a couple pics from our Galveston trip a couple weeks ago. He is so sweet! Enjoy!

Fun with Bob & Larry

Tonight, Colton and I met up with Lindsay, BJ and baby Hayden at Chick-fil-A. There were two special guests there...Bob & Larry, from Veggie Tales! It was a hit! Colton LOVES Veggie Tales...especially Larry Boy, and Silly Songs with Larry! Of course, me being the proud, picture-happy mother that I am, I took a TON of pics...and most of them are the back of Colton looking up at Larry and Bob. But hey, it wasn't the easiest thing to do...get a 7-foot Cucumber and a 3-foot toddler in the same picture! So, here you go! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 7, 2006


Is he handsome or what!! This was before church this morning...while we were waiting for Aunt Beka to get ready. This is his new outfit from Old Navy! I think he looks like such a preppy stud! You can't really see them, but he has on new brown sandles that are sooo cute. He wouldn't wear sandles at all last summer...which was a pain, because it was so HOT! Anyways, thought I would share! Hope everyone is doing well!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Sisters!!

Some of my Fave Pics!!

Colton in his "Camo Underwear like Daddy's"!!!
Colt being a sweet boy and giving his Mama a kiss! I love it!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Colt and Mommy! I love this picture! This is his new "big boy smile"!
Happy Easter, Colton! He picked out this Soccer Ball Basket! He had a great time!!

Rebellious or Lazy...You decide!!!

Well, what can I say!! Been kinda busy...and lazy when I'm not busy. (hence the non existent blog updates!!) My mom says I'm rebellious for not updating...I prefer lazy!

Anyway, not too much going on. I work all the time, and when I'm not working, I'm usually hanging out with my little man. Occasionally I will go out, but most of the time I would rather relax at home, read a book, maybe catch a flick, or just hit the sack!

Colton will be 2 1/2 at the end of this month! Man, time sure does fly by! He's talking like a pro, I don't know where he comes up with some of the things he says. I'm not saying that they are off the wall, or don't fit the conversation. I'm saying that sometimes he says such grown up sentences, I don't know where he even heard them!!! Like, once he was telling me about something, and at the end of the conversation, he said "How bout that, Mom?!" It was hilarious!!! He's such a sweet boy. He plays so well, and is so good at cleaning up and organizing...we all know he didn't get that from me...definitely from my mom! But, it doesn't matter where he got it from, I just think it's great that he has it! He has two new little friends to play with every day, in the mornings at Dianne's house (she's the babysitter). Luke is 2 and Sam is 1. They are brothers, sons of a guy from my highschool that was a few years older than me. Anyway, Colt has fun with them. Not much else new with him. He loves to read, and he's started singing's so cute! He's pretty good at matching our pitch (sp). He'll definitely be musical when he's older.

As for me, I've decided, for real this time, to go back to school this summer. I plan on getting my nursing degree and being a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I'm pretty excited! I feel like I will actually be moving forward in my life, and not just working all the time to pay the bills. I'm sure some of you have felt that way before. I still have some basics to take, so that will keep me busy for a while. So, if you all will keep me in your prayers...I'm sure I will need it!!!

Caleb, Colton's daddy, is over in Iraq right now. He's been there for 6 months now, so 6 months left. Well, a little less than that. He says he should be back by the end of September. I know we will all be glad when that time gets here. Colton has done pretty well with him gone. Don't get me wrong, he asks for him every day, and when he gets upset or in trouble, he cries for Daddy. But, for the most part, he has done fine. I just keep telling him that Daddy will be home in a "puckle" (his version of couple) of months. That usually seems to work! So, keep Colton and Caleb in your prayers.

I think that's it for now. I will post some pics. Sorry it's taken me like 4 months to re-post!! This time I will shoot for 3, and then after that 2!!! jk Hope you guys are all doing well. Glad to see that all of the babies are doing wonderful, and the mammas seem happy as can be. We should definitely all work on having us a little mama/baby get-together!!!