Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rachel's in LABOR!!!!!! it's all happening!! Rachel started having contractions last night about 8:00. They have been progressing through this morning! She has not been admitted into the hospital because her contractions need to be 5 minutes apart and at least 1 minute long for at least an hour. Well, she's got the 1 minute part down, but the 5 minutes has not been consitant. But, we are thinking by later this afternoon she should be ready to go to the hospital and get this show on the road! I will try and update before we leave for the hospital, but I won't promise anything. But, I will definitely update once everything is over and we have a sweet baby boy to hold!!!

Friday, October 7, 2005

Lindsay had her baby!!!!!

Lindsay had her baby girl early this morning, around 3:45. Both are doing very well. I won't give any details, because I know that Lindsay will want to do that on her blog!! So, just to put all of your minds at ease, mommy & baby, and daddy, are all doing very well!!! YEA!!!!!