Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of First Grade

So, I have not posted the annual "First Day of School" pictures of Colt. So, here's the play-by-play. (you know I love to do this!) Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter: Soccer Mom

It's official. I am now a Soccer Mom. hah! Colt had his very first practice last night. I had class, so he went with his friend, Ty...who is also on his team. They are the New York Red Bulls. Colt has this crazy fascination with New York. He has asked me many times who the soccer team is in New York. I don't even know if they have one! Well, they do now...and Colt just happens to be a member. :)

Hallie, Ty and Colt

Now, Colt isn't exactly crazy about playing outside, sports, RUNNING...anything in the sun. Don't get me wrong, he does like to play outside, he's just not crazy about it. He'd rather be playing his DS, or some other video game. So, I didn't really know what to expect with this first practice. I gave him the ole "Be respectful, mind the coach. They are there to teach you...even if you think you know everything (which Colt usually does!)" before I dropped him off for school yesterday morning. (cause I had class all day and wouldn't see him until after practice) He seemed pretty excited.

Well, Jordan (Ty's mom) filled me in on everything. She said he did really well. You wouldn't have been able to tell he had never played before. He followed directions, listened intently, kicked, ran, dribbled, etc.

About halfway through, he realized this was a lot more running than he thought he had signed up for! He was huffing and puffing, but still running and kicking. Jordan said he was so tired, she thought any minute he would stop and tell her he was done and didn't want to play anymore. (Colt has a tendancy of speaking his mind. It's a fact.) But, he didn't. He kept on going till the end. I'm so proud of him! When he got home, he told Susanna "It was fun, but there was way too much running. It was ridiculous!" Yup, that's my child! lol

I'm proud of him, and so excited about going to the games. I wish I could go to the practices, but I gotta get my education. :) The first game is Saturday, September 25th. You can bet I'll have lots of pictures!


P.S. No, I will NOT be getting a minivan. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School, More School, Soccer and Fall

So at the moment I'm in the computer lab at Sam Houston...yes, I attend here now. Full-time student! Hooray! I decided to quit my job, and live off my tiny bit of financial aid for a year and load up on classes. Well, load up I did. I'm taking 4 classes at Sam on Tuesdays/Thursdays, then a class on Tuesday nights, and one on Wednesday nights. So, 18 hours total! There's no WAY I could work and do that, AND be a mom at the same time. My official last day of work was Friday, September 3rd. And boy was I ready for that. Just 2 weeks of both school and work, and I was exhausted! If things go as planned, I will graduate next August. So happy, and ready, to be finished. (There is a slight chance that one of my classes won't be offered next summer, so I might be taking one class next Fall. Not my ideal, but I'll take it.)

Colt started First Grade three weeks ago. So far, he is enjoying it. We didn't care for Kindergarten too just wasn't challenging enough. Especially after going to a private preschool that taught him pretty much everything you will learn in Kindergarten. And his teacher didn't seem to "have time" to find him any challenging projects. Not happy with her, but, that year is over. His new teacher is younger and very excited to be teaching First Grade. She understood how I felt about his teacher last year and has promised to find him challenging projects when he needs them. Hooray! So far so good.

Today he starts soccer practice. This is his first year to play. He and his friend Ty are playing at the YMCA, and we are all pretty excited about it! Go Red Bulls! His games will be Saturday mornings. Can't wait!

What else?

Oh yeah, so with all of this school, my life has been a bit cluttered! All of my books and school supplies and what not have just been lying all over my room, because I don't have a desk. Scratch that, I DIDN'T have a desk. Cause I do now!
I purchased a new one at Wal-Mart, you know, one of those that have to be assembled. Well, I don't mind putting things together one bit. In fact, I actually like it! :) So, I read the directions (yes, I'm a directions-follower) and saw that it requires 2 people, and will take 2 hours to assemble. Yeah, there's only one of I prepared myself for at least 3 hours. Had I sat down and done it all at one time, I could've achieved that goal, if not closer to 2 hours. But, with school, and Colt, and all other things life brings along, it took a few days. BUT, it's finished and looks great with all of my other wood furniture. So happy! But yeah, my room is still a mess. I proceeded to rearrange my room to allow for my new "office space", and yeah, I have way too much stuff in there. But, it must all stay. So we'll just call it a work in progress.

I cannot believe it's already September, and the middle at that! Colt's 7th birthday is just next month! I can't believe it! That means that my nephew, Hudson, is turning 5 next month. I don't like this one bit! But this does mean Fall, which means cooler weather, football (and soccer), and all things lovely. :) So happy about that.

There's not much else I can write, without pictures to go along with it. But soon.

I hope all of you are well, and Happy almost Fall!


P.S. I almost forgot...Colt can officially ride his 2-wheel bike! Hooray! This has taken forever (mainly because he just had no interest in it AT ALL), but thanks to Aunt NooNee and Papa, the kid can now ride with the rest of the kids. Whew! I thought he would be in highschool and still not riding it. :)