Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Presley Mae has arrived!

And she is so beautiful!

7lbs 15oz, 20 inches long

I just love her to pieces!
Here's a picture of the new family of four!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awaiting the Princess

So I'm at my sister's house in Dallas, awaiting the arrival of my niece...which should happen tomorrow. I am so excited! Mom, Colt and I left home about 1ish, and drove straight here. It was cold and rainy and by the time we got to Dallas it was Snowing!!! We dropped Colton off at his other grandparents, and then drove to Rachels. Once there, after quickly giving us the rundown of Hud's schedule, she and Derek left for the hospital. They are staying the night tonight...starting some meds tonight...not the powerful stuff, just stuff to get her started and help the baby to "drop". Then, in the morning they will give her petocin. And then starts the fun stuff!! :)

Tonight, Hud and I played many rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippo. It was so fun! He is sweet. It was nice to "just be" with Hud...nothing else going on, just him and me...and mom...playing and hanging out. I got to read him his bedtime story...he picked Samson. And then I sang a few songs. Before I left he was already asleep. That boy must've been tired, because he never goes to sleep that quickly. Or maybe I've got the magic touch! :) Either way, he is precious...and I love him so much.

I am so excited for Rach...and her little, growing family. So many memories of when Hud was born. Such a hard time in my life...but he brought joy to it. The day he was born, was the day I got divorced. I had to hurry to court and take care of that before I could drive up to Dallas. I was so worried I would miss his arrival...but I didn't. Well, I did, but not because we didn't make it to the hospital in time. Rach had decided that I could be the one to take the pics during the birth, but because she was having so many complications, and such a hard time, the doc said no visitors. I was not happy! hah! And he knew it! He told Rach the next day "I don't think your sister likes me." She laughed and said "She's just going through a rough time right now...nothing against you." But it was a little against him...not gonna lie! hah Oh well...water under the bridge. Derek came out and showed us pictures and introduced "Hudson Michael Phillips" into the world! We were all so proud! I love that little man so much...and am so excited to watch him with his new Baby Sister.

Rach, I love you...and am praying for you. God has big plans for you guys.

I hope to keep everyone updated. For now...keep Rach and "Little Miss" in your thoughts and prayers.


Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Name...A New Blog

Alright Folks, here it is! I finally got around to starting a new blog...with a new name! And I happen to like it! :) Boy do I have a lot to blog about...I've missed blogging. I think about doing it quite often, but the thought of all of the catching up that I need to do overwhelms me, and I move on to something else. Well, I'm at work right now, so no huge blogs, or pictures. I mainly just wanted to direct you to my new blog!

Blogs updates to come:
Colt's Birthday - and first day of Kindergarten, for that matter
Hud's Birthday
Beka's Wedding
Rachel's first Baby Shower
And just life in general

I hope you are all doing well. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas season. I have a niece that will be making her appearance right after Christmas...or sooner, if we are lucky. I also have a nephew that will be making his appearance the end of March. Lots of Baby Showers...and planning. I am so excited...and so happy...and so blessed.

My little man is 6 now. I can't believe it. He is in Kindergarten, and doing pretty far. We had a bit of a rough start, just getting used to everything, but he's doing well. He just got a new two-wheeler bike, so we will be learning to ride that. No more training wheels! Hooray! This Spring he will be playing baseball, and taking swimming lessons. Gotta get ready for the summer! We will have two more babies to look after...I gotta make sure my little man can hold his own! :)

I hope this finds you all well...and happy. This year has been all about blessings, it seems. I just feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family, a great God who knows just what I need and can handle, wonderful friends that keep me sane, and the list goes on and on.

Keep checking...cause there's more to come.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Pictures

Cathy and Colton, August 2009

Colton (5) and Hudson (3), July 4th, 2009

Colton (5) and Hudson (3), Christmas 2008

Frank and Rebekah

Susanna (21), Rebekah (24), Rachel (27), and Deborah (26)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Need a New Blog Name!!!

Ok Everybody, I really need your help!! I have got to change my Blog Title!! I haven't been a "Potter" in over 5 months!!! Please send over any ideas. They can include "Moore", but don't have to. Just something catchy...or whatever!

Blog to come of Colt's First Day of Kindergarten!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catch Up

Ok, so you all probably know, but I am now officially Deborah Lynn Moore (again)! :) It's good to be back! So, now I need to figure out a new Title for my Blog! Please pass on any suggestions!!

Quick recap of the past couple of months:

  • My sister, Rachel, passed the Bar and is officially an Attorney!!! Rach, I am so very proud of you! She got a great job, although the hours are a bit crazy right now, but overall it's perfect for her. Another bit of news, she is pregnant!! Yup, due in early January! We are crossing our fingers that she has a girl...although boys are wonderful! YEA for babies!!! (this helps just a bit with my MAJOR baby fever I've had for the past, oh, year or so!!!)

  • Colt finished Pre-School...his last year of PreK. He starts Kindergarten this August! Talk about crazy! My little man is growing up way to fast...I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to slow him down!!! This summer he is going to his old daycare three days a week, for their After School program. They go on lots of Field trips, and basically have fun all summer. The other two days, he stays at my grandmothers, and hangs with her and Grandad. This works out perfectly for us, but also for them. Colton is (usually) very pleasant to be around. My Grandad loves having him there, as does my grandmother!!! Thank you Mama for loving my little man!

  • Let's see, what else....oh, my friend Corey had her baby. Whittaker Overstreet Wetheral! He is so precious....and tiny! He was born 8 or 9 weeks premature, so he is getting to hang out in the NICU for a while. Both he and Mom are doing wonderful, and progressing like champs! Congrats Corey and Andy! So excited for you guys!

  • Work is work...nothing new. Enjoying having a job that I love!!!

This summer so far has been pretty jampacked!!! We went to the No Doubt concert at the end of May. That was awesome! My birthday was last week. So much fun! My friends threw me a party, Summerween!!!! We all dressed up and pretended it was Halloween! Such a fun time!

  • This Friday is Rachel & Derek's 4 year Anniversary! So happy for them!

  • My grandparents just celebrated their 60th Anniversary! WOW!!! Talk about Amazing!

  • My parents celebrated their 29th! Next year is the big 3-0. We are hoping to plan something special for them!

And I think that's about it on news. Just staying busy, working out and eating healthy. Gotta get beautiful!! Lots of Lake trips and such! Overall, we are doing well. No complaints!

So, please send any suggestions for my new Blog Title! I need something wonderful!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Days!

Yeah, so I have continued losing! hah! I basically took a week and a half off of my diet...silly, I know. I weighed this morning, and instead of gaining (which I totally thought I had), I had actually lost .6 pounds since the last time I weighed (two weeks ago). So, I have lost a total of 2.1 pounds!! YEA! I need to kick it into high gear!

Colton is spending the week at his Aunt Rachel's house...getting to play with Hud! Both boys are very excited...and having a blast so far! Thanks Aunt Rachel for letting Colt stay and have an awesome Spring Break! :)

4 Days until I can change my name! So excited! :) I'm thinking of having a celebration Friday night...I think at Chuys! You all are invited!!! :)

This week I have school Mon and Wed nights, and then Tuesday night I'm going to the Rodeo with my bestests! YEA! Very excited about that!

I already miss Colton...and he misses me! That makes me happy!

Ok, back to work!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Days and Counting...

Well, I have an official Court Date. On Friday, March 20th, at 9:00am I will officially be Deborah Lynn Moore again! YEA! I'm pretty excited! It feels like it's taken forever to do this...such a hassle! If i had any idea it would've been like this, i would've just done it when I got the divorce! But, I wasn't ready then...but I am now! So be ready for some changes on here!!

As for my Weight Loss Goal...yeah, that went down the drain last week! Pretty much stressed out the entire week with work, 3 tests, ect. I was a wreck!!! But, it's all overwith. Spring Break is this week. And although I'm not going anywhere, I am off of classes, and able to spend more time with Colt and more time just chillin. Colt has been sick this week with fever, ear infection and cough. He should be well enough to go back to school tomorrow...but please keep him in your prayers. We are heading to Dallas this weekend, so I need my baby well!!!

Alright, that's it for now! I hope you are all having a great week!


Monday, March 2, 2009


Well...last week started off amazing!!! I did everything I was supposed to, and things were progressing quite nicely! Then, Friday hit!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! lol Let's just say that I did not count my points on Friday, had WAY too many carbs, and basically didn't seem to care all that much! hah! Way to go Deb! The rest of the weekend was ok, not spectacular, but ok. So, drumroll please.................................................................I ended up losing a Grand Total of 1.5 pounds!!!! YEA! Losing is much better than Gaining...and now I get to move my ticker. I would love to double or triple that this week. We'll see.

This week I have 3 about stressful!!!! My online class, Humanities, I have a mid-term that I will take Tuesday at the Testing Center. Not sure what to expect on that. Then, for Anatomy, I have a Lab Practical over bones on Wednesday. And then a Lecture test over bones and skin that I have to take sometime Thursday-Sunday. My mother's birthday is Friday, and my family is coming in town, so I have to fit it in. Probably going to take it on Saturday morning. So, please keep me in your prayers. I need to make awesome grades on all three of these!

So that's it for now, I will keep you updated!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Less is Moore!!

Well, I have finally worked up enough motivation to get rid of some of me...ok, a lot of me!!! lol Last year was a busy year for me, and I was very active in the weight gaining area! hah!! A lot of things contributed to it, some more than others, but putting all that aside, I definitely gained 20 pounds in one year! NOT COOL!!!!

SO, Monday I started Weight Watchers! I love Weight Watchers because it forces me to be more conscientious about What I eat, and also How Much I eat. It allows me freedom to eat what I want, in moderation, but it also helps me realize some changes that need to be made!

My goal is to lose 30 pounds by my birthday...which is June 15th. I know I can do it! The first is always easier to get off, (I have already lost 4 pounds in just 3 days!!) so I have set a goal to lose 15 by the end of March...which is also Mom Prom! YEA!!!! Gotta be a Hot Mama!!!

I saw on a few of my friends blogs those little tickers that calculate how much you have lost, and how much you have left to lose! I'm planning on putting one of those up! I'm going to update it once a week...I guess every Monday, since that's when I started!!! Please keep me in your prayers...and root me on! Because I need constant motivation!!!!

On to other parts of me that I'm "getting rid of", I am changing my last name back to Moore. When I got divorced, I opted to keep Potter so that Colton and I would have the same last name...because I figured it would be easier! Well, I've come to realize that It Doesn't Matter!! lol And if I ever get married again, I want to come to my new husband as my father's daughter, instead of my ex-husband's ex-wife! Makes sense to me!! lol Anyways, I've wanted to for over a year now, and I'm actually doing it. It should all be final in a few weeks! I'll keep you posted!!

So, that's it for now! Be on the lookout for my Weight Loss Ticker...and watch it move!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Huge Prayer Request

My older sister, Rachel, is starting the Bar Exam today. It is a three day test. She has been studying her little heart out for over two months. So, please pray the following:

Calm Nerves
Clear Mind
Remembrance of every single little piece of information that she read, heard, wrote, etc.
That she passes!!!!

I love you Rach, and I'm so proud of you!!!!