Thursday, September 7, 2006

4 Months to the Day!

So, I said I would try to post closer together, maybe 3 months instead of 4 months apart...yeah, that didn't happen! But, if at first you don't succeed, try try again! So, I will try again!

Anyway, not much new. Colton will be 3 next month! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! Man, time doesn't just fly, it zooms by! My baby is now a kid...probably considered a preschooler! Try and swallow that one! Tough, I know! He's doing good! Learning anything and everything he can! Dianne has run out of things to teach him, so now it's time to learn to read, I guess! Always been a smart kid! And he loves Veggie Tales. He sings along with the songs. I love to hear him sing! He will sing in his room, in the car, everywhere! It's the cutest thing. Someday, I will get it on video and post it on here...but probably not for a couple of years, cause that's the timeline I'm on! lol Anyway, his favorite color is green, and his new favorite things to eat are sandwiches! He likes turkey and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly. Cute kid! He is out of the highchair, and in the booster seat...the same booster seat his Aunt NooNee used about 15-16 years ago! How fun is that! So yeah, he's doing great!

As for me, I'm doing great! I planned on taking several classes this summer, but only ended up taking one. But, I got an A, so that's good! Still working the same job! Just got a promotion...don't have to answer the phones anymore! HUGE!! Pretty happy about that one! Nothing much else going one, just taking every day as it comes! Just enjoying life, and enjoying Colton!

As for Caleb, he is scheduled to come home next month! Yup, it's already been almost a whole year since he left for Iraq! Colton is ready to see him. He's been asking for "my dad" a lot lately. He knows he's coming home soon, so, I guess that's why he's talking about him so much more lately. We will all be glad to have him back home safe and sound! One special thing is that he should be home in time for Colton's birthday. This will be the first birthday for him to spend with Colton. The first, he was in his Army training, and the second he had just left for Iraq. So, he and I are planning this party together. Looking forward to not being the only parent at this party, and getting to share it with Caleb!

So, that's my update for now! Enjoy the next couple of "blobs". I have tons more pics, but not enough time. Hope everybody is doing great! Here's a few pics:

My Nephew!

So, my nephew, Hudson Michael, is almost 1...I can't believe it! He's gotten so big...and he is so dang cute...I can't get over it! I found a couple pics from our Galveston trip a couple weeks ago. He is so sweet! Enjoy!

Fun with Bob & Larry

Tonight, Colton and I met up with Lindsay, BJ and baby Hayden at Chick-fil-A. There were two special guests there...Bob & Larry, from Veggie Tales! It was a hit! Colton LOVES Veggie Tales...especially Larry Boy, and Silly Songs with Larry! Of course, me being the proud, picture-happy mother that I am, I took a TON of pics...and most of them are the back of Colton looking up at Larry and Bob. But hey, it wasn't the easiest thing to do...get a 7-foot Cucumber and a 3-foot toddler in the same picture! So, here you go! Enjoy!