Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hayden's Birthday Party...What an Incredible Party!

Today we had the priviledge of going to Incredible Pizza for our friend Hayden's 3rd Birthday. We had an Incredible time! Here are a few pics that I snatched. I didn't get any really good ones of Hayden...she was just too busy for me!! :)

Colt and his best bud Ty!

Carter (our new friend), Ty and Colton

Miss Hayden spinning the Birthday Wheel!

Hayden and "The Boys"

Tara and Ella (I think, Lindsay, please correct me if I'm wrong)

Carter enjoying his yummy cupcake! He really enjoyed was everywhere!! :)

Playing the games.

Ty and his daddy, Aaron, checkin out the plane.

Miss Abigail looking pretty.

Colt getting "down" on the dance game!

Hayden and out Colt, Carter's movin in!!!

Ty and Aaron

Colt's turn on the plane.

We had such a fun time. Thank you Hayden for inviting us to your party. We had a blast!

PreSchool Chapel

This past weekend, Colton's class at school presented chapel. Man were they cute. They started off with the pledges (talk about bringing back memories of doing those every day for years), sang several songs, quoted scripture and a few poems. It was precious. I was so proud of him. They did motions with the songs and poems. It was great. Here are a few pics...most are blurry, but still something to look at. Enjoy!!

Colt did the Pledge to the Bible

The whole class and Mrs. Wallace.

Look at those sleepy eyes.

Singing bout an alligator or something.

Flappin away!

He kept yawning throughout the whole chapel. My mom kept saying "I put him to bed at 8, I promise"! :)

Standing sweet.

I love this pic. They were praying, and he was closing his eyes like he's supposed to. He has such a tender heart...he loves to pray.

Colton and his Mimi.

Colt and his Aunt Susanna.

Colt and his Aunt Beka.

Thanks Mom and sisters for coming along. Colt and I love that you are all such a great part of our lives.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Eyed...Deborah!!

Yeah, so we went to Galveston back in September. Colt, Susanna, her friend Liz and me. We stayed in a great resort on the beach, and had so much fun playing house. So, the last day we were there, I had Colt on one of those swimming pool floats (you know, the ones you lay out on and drink a margarita...I mean lemonade...!!). Anyway, I was guiding the float with him on it over the waves. Right as I lifted the edge up to go over the wave, the wave broke and shoved the float back, causing Colt's head to smack me in the face. Immediately, I felt my cheek swell up. I was trying not to panic, and just get him and me out of the water. I turned back to yell to Susanna, to let her know I was hurt, and that I probably would have a black eye. She yelled back "yeah, I can already see it from here"!!

So, long story short, my cheek might've been broken (although we will never know because I didn't go to the doc), and it did swell up as if there was a golf ball underneath it. Once the swelling started to go down, the colors started changing, not just on my cheek, but on my eye. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!

This is right after it happened. Susanna took a pic to show me how bad it really was. (as if I didn't know already!!)

Up close...and just plain ugly!!

After icing it off and on for an hour and a half.

The swelling is starting to move up to my eye.

The discoloration has begun!

The flowers Colt picked for me.

While I was out of the room, Susanna thought it would be funny to pretend the hotdog bun was an owie, and take pictures of herself. Check out her many poses.

Yeah, I came back and saw her. I laughed so hard...then I cried. So sad!

This was day three, I think.

My office thought it would be fun to have a different theme every day in my honor. You can guess some of the themes: pirate day, pound puppy day, football day (they came into the office with post-it notes stuck under their eyes where football players put that black stuff.) It really was a fun week.

I don't look too amused in this pic!

It took a while for it to finally get back to normal. There was discoloration for over 2 weeks, and my cheek was still a bit swollen even after 3 weeks. Now, it's been almost 2 months, and every once in a while my cheek will hurt. I can still feel a bit of a knot there, but for the most part...all is well!!

Here are a few other shots of our weekend...the good times!

The Gang

Colt's Treasure

I think these are Liz's sunglasses!

Making yummy koolaid!!!

Liz, Colt & Nan...and our yummy M&M collection!!

We really did have a fun time...despite the whole black eye thing! Can't wait to go again!

Colt's First Day of His Last Year of Pre-K

Soooo....Colt started at his new school...a real school, not daycare...this past August. He is going to the same school that my sisters and I went to in elementary school. How cool is that! It's crazy...seeing him in the same uniforms that we wore (well, a bit updated, but you get it!!) and playing on the same playgrounds, with some of the same teachers. I'm so proud of him...cannot believe how old he is getting. This is his last year of Pre School...he starts Kindergarten next year.

So, here is the play by play...sorry it's almost 2 months late, but I've been busy...and lazy...and busy some more! Anyway, enjoy!! :)

"Good Morning, Good Morning, it's time to rise and shine...
...Good Morning, Good Morning, I hope you're feeling fine!!"

yeah...not wanting to get up...are we surprised?!?!

ok, ok...I'll get up!

Getting all fixed up with Aunt NooNee!!

Gotta brush those teeth!!
so cute...
There is still a hint of baby there...just a hint!
I'm all dressed and ready for breakfast!
What a little stud!
He wanted to take a pic, too. Did a pretty good job!
Colt and his Papa.
All strapped in like a big boy.
Aunt NooNee helping us carry in our school supplies.
One last hug for me and my little man!
Thanks Aunt NooNee for sharing the morning with us!!
Colt with his teacher, Mrs. Walace.
Colt & his friend Carter on their way to class.
Are they cute or what!?!

This is Colton's new class! YEA!

And that was his first day! He is doing great, and loves his new friends and teacher.