Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tomorrow's The Big Day

So, tomorrow is the Big Day! Colton's Choir Performance!! I have been so excited and looking forward to it for months, now!! Colton has had practice every Wednesday night. And we have been pretty faithful about going, except when he was sick. Colton loves singing, and he loves going to choir!

So, a couple weeks ago, my mom and I were starting to wonder how he would do getting up in front of everyone. Because lately, he has had a mind of his own! Very stubborn...to say the least. He knows what he wants, and has a one-track-mind about it. So, if he doesn't think he wants to do it, he won't!

So, two Wednesdays ago, I went to pick him up. And the lady pulled me aside and said:
"I just wanted to give you a little heads up. We went to practice on the risors and Colton did not want to leave the classroom to go. He just didn't want to do it. It was almost like he thought that if he left the classroom, his mommy wouldn't know where to find him. So, I just wanted to warn you, that come performance night, there is a chance that he won't want to sing. And I didn't want you to be surprised or upset. This is completely normal at this age. So, don't worry."

Well, I wasn't the least bit surprised! A little sad because I have been looking forward to it. I will say this though, he wasn't the least bit scared that I wouldn't know where to find him! He just didn't want to do it!!! So, I talked to him on the way home and let him know that I wanted him to stand on the stairs with the other boys and girls and sing. That it would make me very happy and proud of him. He said: "ok, I will. I want to stand next to Kelsea!"

So, we shall see! I doubt he will end up doing it, but I will have a little hope! ;) I will definitely give you guys an update!! And if he does do it, I will post pics!