Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catch Up

Ok, so you all probably know, but I am now officially Deborah Lynn Moore (again)! :) It's good to be back! So, now I need to figure out a new Title for my Blog! Please pass on any suggestions!!

Quick recap of the past couple of months:

  • My sister, Rachel, passed the Bar and is officially an Attorney!!! Rach, I am so very proud of you! She got a great job, although the hours are a bit crazy right now, but overall it's perfect for her. Another bit of news, she is pregnant!! Yup, due in early January! We are crossing our fingers that she has a girl...although boys are wonderful! YEA for babies!!! (this helps just a bit with my MAJOR baby fever I've had for the past, oh, year or so!!!)

  • Colt finished Pre-School...his last year of PreK. He starts Kindergarten this August! Talk about crazy! My little man is growing up way to fast...I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to slow him down!!! This summer he is going to his old daycare three days a week, for their After School program. They go on lots of Field trips, and basically have fun all summer. The other two days, he stays at my grandmothers, and hangs with her and Grandad. This works out perfectly for us, but also for them. Colton is (usually) very pleasant to be around. My Grandad loves having him there, as does my grandmother!!! Thank you Mama for loving my little man!

  • Let's see, what else....oh, my friend Corey had her baby. Whittaker Overstreet Wetheral! He is so precious....and tiny! He was born 8 or 9 weeks premature, so he is getting to hang out in the NICU for a while. Both he and Mom are doing wonderful, and progressing like champs! Congrats Corey and Andy! So excited for you guys!

  • Work is work...nothing new. Enjoying having a job that I love!!!

This summer so far has been pretty jampacked!!! We went to the No Doubt concert at the end of May. That was awesome! My birthday was last week. So much fun! My friends threw me a party, Summerween!!!! We all dressed up and pretended it was Halloween! Such a fun time!

  • This Friday is Rachel & Derek's 4 year Anniversary! So happy for them!

  • My grandparents just celebrated their 60th Anniversary! WOW!!! Talk about Amazing!

  • My parents celebrated their 29th! Next year is the big 3-0. We are hoping to plan something special for them!

And I think that's about it on news. Just staying busy, working out and eating healthy. Gotta get beautiful!! Lots of Lake trips and such! Overall, we are doing well. No complaints!

So, please send any suggestions for my new Blog Title! I need something wonderful!!!