Thursday, February 26, 2009

Less is Moore!!

Well, I have finally worked up enough motivation to get rid of some of me...ok, a lot of me!!! lol Last year was a busy year for me, and I was very active in the weight gaining area! hah!! A lot of things contributed to it, some more than others, but putting all that aside, I definitely gained 20 pounds in one year! NOT COOL!!!!

SO, Monday I started Weight Watchers! I love Weight Watchers because it forces me to be more conscientious about What I eat, and also How Much I eat. It allows me freedom to eat what I want, in moderation, but it also helps me realize some changes that need to be made!

My goal is to lose 30 pounds by my birthday...which is June 15th. I know I can do it! The first is always easier to get off, (I have already lost 4 pounds in just 3 days!!) so I have set a goal to lose 15 by the end of March...which is also Mom Prom! YEA!!!! Gotta be a Hot Mama!!!

I saw on a few of my friends blogs those little tickers that calculate how much you have lost, and how much you have left to lose! I'm planning on putting one of those up! I'm going to update it once a week...I guess every Monday, since that's when I started!!! Please keep me in your prayers...and root me on! Because I need constant motivation!!!!

On to other parts of me that I'm "getting rid of", I am changing my last name back to Moore. When I got divorced, I opted to keep Potter so that Colton and I would have the same last name...because I figured it would be easier! Well, I've come to realize that It Doesn't Matter!! lol And if I ever get married again, I want to come to my new husband as my father's daughter, instead of my ex-husband's ex-wife! Makes sense to me!! lol Anyways, I've wanted to for over a year now, and I'm actually doing it. It should all be final in a few weeks! I'll keep you posted!!

So, that's it for now! Be on the lookout for my Weight Loss Ticker...and watch it move!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Huge Prayer Request

My older sister, Rachel, is starting the Bar Exam today. It is a three day test. She has been studying her little heart out for over two months. So, please pray the following:

Calm Nerves
Clear Mind
Remembrance of every single little piece of information that she read, heard, wrote, etc.
That she passes!!!!

I love you Rach, and I'm so proud of you!!!!