Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Incrediboy!!!

Yes, today is Colton's 3rd Birthday! I have spent the day running down memory lane! And then tonight my family and I took him to eat at Panchos...yes, Panchos...for yummy mexican food. Mainly so they could sing him Happy Birthday and put the sombrero on his head. Well, they didn't have a sombrero, but he did have his Incredibles costume on, so he still looked pretty dang cute! I will post pics this week...I promise!

And yes, I am still alive...just been busy as ever! Caleb is back from Iraq, so we've been visiting him a bit. He gets to come to the party...definitely excited about that one!

Well, I'm off to bed...actually, my Incrediboy is kicking the wall next to his aunt NooNee's room, so I have to go be stern and tell him no more kicking! After that, it's off to bed. Pictures will follow...very soon!