Friday, November 23, 2007

A Blast From The Past!

I stole these pics off of Rach's laptop! I'm sure I have them on mine, but I couldn't pass up posting these old pics! I love them!!!!!!! Such a little cutie...a such a chunk! Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Colton's Photo Shoot - Age 4

Today Colt and I ventured out to Picture People to take advantage of a coupon that I had. Here's the final shots! Enjoy! The first two are my faves!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eye Boogers Galore!!

Wonderin' how I suddenly had the time to post a million blogs? Well, I have Colton's pink eyes to thank for that! Yup! We are at home today with eye boogers galore! Quite disgusting, if you ask me!! lol So sadly, we have postponed his birthday party, which was supposed to be on Saturday, to the 17th. But, it actually works out quite well. 4 of his best friends weren't going to be able to come...and my sister, Rachel, and Hudson are still trying to get well. So, it will just be better all around!

Please pray that his eye boogers go away and he will be good to go...soon! I hope you all enjoyed all of our fun-filled pictures of late! He has had a fantastic week...with his birthday on Tuesday, and Jesus Celebration all day long on Wednesday!! Now he and I get special Colton-Mommy time at home...which, to be totally honest, I am loving! So, we will take advantage of these eye boogers today and tomorrow...but that's it...I want them gone after that!! lol

Jesus Celebration With Friends

Last night Colton, Papa and I met BJ and Hayden at our church's Jesus Celebration. Colt went as a CARS racecar driver, and Hayden was Ragady Ann! They were precious! So cute! They had so much fun playing all of the games, fishing, petting the animals, riding the train and eating LOTS of suckers...they were Hayden's favorites! Enjoy!

Birthday Boy!

You all guessed it...another Play-by-Play of the birthday boy's fun-filled day! Enjoy!

Sleepy boy...did NOT want to get up! But when I started singing Happy Birthday, he slowly smiled and started to roll over!

One-eyed Sleepy Face!
Attempting to keep his eyes open to open the Birthday Card!

Smiling at the Happy Face card!


Smiling with his new Car!

Dressed and almost ready to go...just gotta fix that hair!

Cheese! I'm ready to go to school!

Cupcakes at School!

I got to bring cupcakes to Colton's class at school! They were precious! When I got there, they were all sitting at the table, eating their lunches and just chatting away. Too cute! They loved me...and Colton...because we gave them cupcakes! YEA!!