Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Days!

Yeah, so I have continued losing! hah! I basically took a week and a half off of my diet...silly, I know. I weighed this morning, and instead of gaining (which I totally thought I had), I had actually lost .6 pounds since the last time I weighed (two weeks ago). So, I have lost a total of 2.1 pounds!! YEA! I need to kick it into high gear!

Colton is spending the week at his Aunt Rachel's house...getting to play with Hud! Both boys are very excited...and having a blast so far! Thanks Aunt Rachel for letting Colt stay and have an awesome Spring Break! :)

4 Days until I can change my name! So excited! :) I'm thinking of having a celebration Friday night...I think at Chuys! You all are invited!!! :)

This week I have school Mon and Wed nights, and then Tuesday night I'm going to the Rodeo with my bestests! YEA! Very excited about that!

I already miss Colton...and he misses me! That makes me happy!

Ok, back to work!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Days and Counting...

Well, I have an official Court Date. On Friday, March 20th, at 9:00am I will officially be Deborah Lynn Moore again! YEA! I'm pretty excited! It feels like it's taken forever to do this...such a hassle! If i had any idea it would've been like this, i would've just done it when I got the divorce! But, I wasn't ready then...but I am now! So be ready for some changes on here!!

As for my Weight Loss Goal...yeah, that went down the drain last week! Pretty much stressed out the entire week with work, 3 tests, ect. I was a wreck!!! But, it's all overwith. Spring Break is this week. And although I'm not going anywhere, I am off of classes, and able to spend more time with Colt and more time just chillin. Colt has been sick this week with fever, ear infection and cough. He should be well enough to go back to school tomorrow...but please keep him in your prayers. We are heading to Dallas this weekend, so I need my baby well!!!

Alright, that's it for now! I hope you are all having a great week!


Monday, March 2, 2009


Well...last week started off amazing!!! I did everything I was supposed to, and things were progressing quite nicely! Then, Friday hit!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! lol Let's just say that I did not count my points on Friday, had WAY too many carbs, and basically didn't seem to care all that much! hah! Way to go Deb! The rest of the weekend was ok, not spectacular, but ok. So, drumroll please.................................................................I ended up losing a Grand Total of 1.5 pounds!!!! YEA! Losing is much better than Gaining...and now I get to move my ticker. I would love to double or triple that this week. We'll see.

This week I have 3 about stressful!!!! My online class, Humanities, I have a mid-term that I will take Tuesday at the Testing Center. Not sure what to expect on that. Then, for Anatomy, I have a Lab Practical over bones on Wednesday. And then a Lecture test over bones and skin that I have to take sometime Thursday-Sunday. My mother's birthday is Friday, and my family is coming in town, so I have to fit it in. Probably going to take it on Saturday morning. So, please keep me in your prayers. I need to make awesome grades on all three of these!

So that's it for now, I will keep you updated!