Monday, August 4, 2008

Colt's New Do...

I had let Colt's hair get pretty long ( I say long, it wasn't that long...but for him it was long on top!!). Anyway, we went to visit Aunt Beka to have her possibly give him a mohawk!!! It was long enough on top, but not quite long enough in the back to make it a continuous I told her to just buzz it!!!! She was really nervous...asked me several times if I was sure...and I said go for it! In the middle of it, I almost teared up...but I stayed strong! :) I think it turned out pretty good. He looks a lot older...I think! He also looks a lot more like his Dad...which a few people have not been too excited about that! hah! Oh's pretty much inevitable that he will look like him...but he's still got a bit of me!
The first two pics he looks like me...cause he's smiling real big! The last one he looks more like Caleb. Anyway, enjoy!