Tuesday, September 6, 2005

One More Thing...

...I forgot to mention that Colton can count to 13 now!!! He's a Genius!!! Probably the smartest kid since when I was his age!!!! jk Nah, for real, he is super smart. It's great! My plan is for him to be really smart, but also an athlete. I don't want him to be the "nerdy smart guy" or the "dumb jock" so he will be the "quarterback of the football team, homecoming king, president of the senior class and Valedictorian"!! I'm pretty sure he can handle it! he's got about 16 years to get ready for it! Right now he's counting the years...I guess he thinks it will only take him 13 years! He already knows he's smart! Ok, enough from the bragging mother!!! (what am I going to do when I have more children?!?! I will end up spending every ounce of my being just being proud of my kids!! But, doesn't every parent wish the best for their kids and praise their good works and accomplishments? I'm just starting early!)

Ok, I need to get some sleep! Wow, two blogs in one night! That has got to be a record for me! I hope you guys are writing this down! Good Night! ;)


  1. YEAH!!!! I love it when you finally update :) You're such a great parent, and I hope to take after you very soon!!! Thanks for the tips last night, unfortunately, I'm still preggo and having no action. This little one just likes to aggrivate her mother and father and tease as to when she is coming to visit them.

    oh well.....hopefully we will get to hang out at least one more time before we both become overly-braggadocious parents, who have no time for anything anymore!

    Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon....Love ya!

  2. Keep those blogs coming. I love to hear about Colton. It reminds me of the way your parents were by you! Love, Mama