Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Incrediboy!!!

Yes, today is Colton's 3rd Birthday! I have spent the day running down memory lane! And then tonight my family and I took him to eat at Panchos...yes, Panchos...for yummy mexican food. Mainly so they could sing him Happy Birthday and put the sombrero on his head. Well, they didn't have a sombrero, but he did have his Incredibles costume on, so he still looked pretty dang cute! I will post pics this week...I promise!

And yes, I am still alive...just been busy as ever! Caleb is back from Iraq, so we've been visiting him a bit. He gets to come to the party...definitely excited about that one!

Well, I'm off to bed...actually, my Incrediboy is kicking the wall next to his aunt NooNee's room, so I have to go be stern and tell him no more kicking! After that, it's off to bed. Pictures will follow...very soon!



  1. Yay!! Happy Birthday, Colton!!

    Can't wait for the pictures!! :)

  2. Yea, Happy Birthday Colt!! We can't wait to see you this weekend!!!! You are INCREDIBLE! :)

    Ha ha about him kicking the wall!!

  3. Can't wait to see incrediboy this weekend as well as incredimamma :) Hip hip horay for colton's birthday :) haha..cheesy i know

  4. So glad to hear that he had a good birthday. Yes, we need to see pics. Talk to ya again.