Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick Funnies!!

(this morning in the bathroom after Colt has gone to the bathroom and I'm helping him get dressed. he has socks, underwear and a shirt on. we are about to put on his pants.)

Colt: rubs his legs up and down "Oh Baby...ohh, my legs are cold"

Mommy: lol

What 4 year old says "oh baby"!?!?!?! lol

(last week at Jordan's house playing with Ty. they are just talking back and forth about who knows what.)

Colt: "So where's your dad, Ty?"

Ty: "he works a lot, so he's not here. Where's your dad?"

Colt: (all seriousness) "Well, I opened the window and he fell out and blew away in the wind...and now he's lost." (not even a smirk)

Ty: (just looks at him for a minute like 'what did you just say' and busts out laughing...and Colt joins in)


What makes kids come up with these kind of things?!! It just blows my mind...but hey, it makes for a good laugh!! ;)


  1. LOL! The conversation about Colt's dad blowing away is HILARIOUS! He is so creative! :)

  2. I LOVE IT! That is so hysterical! I guess we are all doing funnies today.

  3. Thanks girl! I will try to be very strong and not give into the binky tantrums. Hope you are doing good.