Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random pics of Love - throughout the years

I started this post right before Mother's Day (that's why the date says May 4th...I don't know how to change it). It's a few shots from Mother's Day two years ago, and then a couple of other random shots. I planned to post it, but then Colt was sick the whole weekend of Mother's Day, so I was a bit sidetracked. I guess I'll post it now.

He was so sweet this year. Even though he didn't feel good, he loved getting ready for Mother's Day. He and my mom went to Bath and Body Works and got me some smell-good things...and then they headed over to Halmark for him to pick me out a card. He picked out the best card possible. It had flowers on the front, and when you opened it, it was a pop-up of a mama bear and a baby bear. He signed his name...and even better, wrote Mom on the envelope! He hadn't ever written my name before, so that was really special! He was very good about keeping the secret of what he got me...although he was too excited about the card, and he told me it was a pop-up! So sweet. We ended up going to dinner Mother's Day, instead of lunch, with my parents, sisters, and grandparents, to celebrate Mother's Day. Colton had told my mom the day before that he wanted to pay for my food. So, after we ate, Mom slipped him a $20, and he handed it to the waiter and told him it was for my food. How cute is that!!! He's really been sweet lately...such a good boy! I'm so blessed! Enjoy the pics!

This was a year or so ago...he picked a flower out of Papa's garden and gave it to me.

I have no clue when this was. He was 3, I know that much, because of his shirt. The hat he's putting on his head was actually a light. I don't know where this was...either Tortugas, or Chuys. So sweet. Such a baby face!

This was Mother's Day 2006, I think...cause he looks too young for it to have been last year. Nope, it wasn't last year, because my hair was dark last year! ha ah He is so little!

Him showing me the card.

Look at those sleepy eyes. It was pretty early. We are sitting at the top of the stairs. It was precious!

I have such a sweet boy. I just got his school pictures in, so I will get those on here. I'm not promising when, just that it will eventually happen!!! Hope everyone is doing well. We are great here! Just staying busy!



  1. I love it!! Such a sweet boy you have! How cute that he wanted to pay for your are teaching him well! :)

  2. Awww how sweet! He is such a wonderful little boy to take care of his mom like he has. You must be so proud!! Thanks for the pictures and the update!

  3. So cute! I love that he was showing you the card like he was so proud of it. Little boys have a special place in their momma's heart! I know Caleb will always have that in mine. Love the pics and the updates. We need to hear more from the Deb world. It was so great meeting you again. Wish I could have seen your little man too. Maybe next time.

  4. What fun memories! I'm so glad you shared this even though it took a bit to get the post up. :)

  5. I thought you were going to be on to me when I put that status message up on myspace. LOL Even though I was trying to get peoples reactions I didn't think it would happen that fast.
    2 kids under much fun. lol

  6. I love the second paragraphs opening statement "He was so sweet this year" it blankets the whole entire opposed to another year he might have been not so sweet! lol! He's a cutie and you're a great mom too. Keep it up Deb, it will pay off!

  7. I think it's time for an update lady!

  8. I need another update from Miss Deborah soon!