Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Need a New Blog Name!!!

Ok Everybody, I really need your help!! I have got to change my Blog Title!! I haven't been a "Potter" in over 5 months!!! Please send over any ideas. They can include "Moore", but don't have to. Just something catchy...or whatever!

Blog to come of Colt's First Day of Kindergarten!



  1. hmmmm i am thinking. what about "my life & moore " lol. or "the moore you read, the moore you want". :) More about Moore ...sorry these are all cheesy i know.

  2. Moore of me...Moore Stuff...Moore is Great...Life with Moore.

    You have a great name to work with! Just go for it!

  3. How about "I like big earrings" LOL that's what I always think of when I see you Deb! You little fashionista :)

  4. Ha, "I like big earrings!" What about "Moore of Us"?? I'll rack my brain!