Wednesday, May 4, 2005

My Favorite Day!

Normally, I am really negative about Wednesdays, but today I won't be. I guess I am excited about Awana's tonight, since it is our last night!!! Woo Hoo! I know my mom and I are chearing about it. Not that we don't enjoy Awana's, we just dread going, but end up having a good time. I know, we just need to suck it up! So yeah, it's our last night tonight.

This weekend is my cousin Daniel's wedding in Dallas. I am excited. I will get to see my favorite cousin David for the first time in almost two years, since I got married actually. So, that will be fun. Also it will be good to see the rest of the fam. We always have a a good time. Plus, it will be the first time for them to see Colton. Only my aunt and cousin Daniel have seen him. So, I will have a lot of showing off to do!!! Since I am soooooo proud of my son!

Caleb is in Louisianna for training this week. He left Monday and will come back really early Saturday morning. He sure is making a name for himself in the Army. For some reason he has really made an impression on them, and they are sending him to all kinds of trainings that only higher rank soldiers go to. So, he's excited about it.

Susanna is doing a school play called "Cinderina". It's a spinoff from Cinderella and Susanna has the lead role. Well, they had a matinee performance yesterday that had lots of bumps in it, but went ok. And she had another matinee today. My dad said it was great. She has one more matinee tomorrow and then the night performance tomorrow night. We are all going tomorrow night. It's going to be great! I can't wait. She is such a cute gal. I know she will be the star!

Well, back to work I go. Talk to you guys later.



  1. Can't wait to see you and Colton at the wedding. I wish Caleb could be here. But good for him doing so well in the army. I am so sorry to miss Cinderina!
    Love, Mama

  2. You need to update this are way behind!

  3. You better update this thing, or I'm going to stop reading it! :)