Monday, May 2, 2005

Weekend Fun!

Talk about a busy weekend. Well, yesterday we had a Bridal Kitchen Shower for Leah, our Youth Pastor's fiance. It was a blast! But, we spent all weekend preparing for it in one way or another. Friday night, Mom & Colton & I went to Target to get a gift. That is always fun. We just got her trashcan and filled it with all kinds of kitchen goodies! It was great. Then Saturday, my mom had to get the paper goods and all that fun stuff. I spent about 1 1/2 hours cleaning out the inside of my car and detailing it. Man does it look good now. I would've washed the outside, but it was just way to chilly! So, that's on my To-Do-List! Ha Ha! Along with a million other things. So, Saturday was just a day to do stuff around the house. But, Sunday, we went to church, then to lunch. Oh, I almost forgot. Susanna had her prom Friday night. So, Jarrod came over to pick her up and we got tons of pics. They are so cute. She was beautiful! So, that was exciting! Back to Sunday...after lunch,Colton and I went to Walgreen's to print out Susanna's pics from Friday. Then, we went home, I put him down for a nap, and started getting ready for the shower. It was a great shower. She got tons of stuff. I love showers! So, it was a big success. I'm happy for her.

Well, I will try to email pics of Susanna's Prom. She's gorgeous! Have a great week!

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