Thursday, December 8, 2005


As I'm sure everybody already knows, Rachel gave birth to a beautiful boy...Hudson Michael Phillips! He is precious!

Is everyone happy now? I keep getting comments about how long Rachel has been in labor. Well, I am in the process of getting a new home computer so that I can update on a regular basis, and download pictures. So guys, bare with me. I am trying to update my life for all of you.

I hope everyone is doing wonderful. We are enjoying the cold weather! I just hope it lasts longer than a couple days!!!

17 days till CHRISTmas!!!! Hooray!!!

Alright, enough from me, back to work!!


  1. Yea for an update!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! :) Anxiously waiting for a full-on update!! :)

  2. haha...finally ;) can't wait to hang out and have some chat-it-up time :) I'm sick so pray for me if you think of me :)I need to get Colt's present to you at least before Christmas!