Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, I finally learned how to upload turned out to be quite simple!!! All this time I have wasted, not knowing how! Anyway, this is my little man at the park! He had on a new pair of overalls, which the button popped off right away, so he had to wear one strap off!!! He looked pretty cool! Anyway, he had tons of fun. He is such a big boy. He just jumped right out there, and took over the park like he owned the place. He wasn't scared, or nervous! He knew how to do everything. I was amazed! Here I am, being the mother, nervous for him...keeping my hand close to catch him if he fell, but he didn't even need me there! It was kinda sad! But, I got over it quite quickly! Hope you guys enjoy the pics! Now that I know how to do it, I will put tons more up! Yall have a great day!

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  1. Awww! He looks like he is having so much fun! Way to go on learning to post pictures! :)