Friday, December 8, 2006

Fridays! Weekends! Visits from Rach & Hud! Veggie Tales! Dr.'s Visits! Winning money for singing on the Radio! WooHoo!!

Well, I'm not at my home computer, so I can't post pics. But, I can update!

It's Friday! I love Fridays! I hope today flies by. Rach & Hud are coming to visit today. I'm so excited!!! We get to go shopping, get the boys' pictures taken, go to the movies, hang out, chat it up, etc! I'm excited! Although I am sad that Derek doesn't get to come, Colton is sad too, but it will be fun just the girls...well, and Colt & Hud & Dad! But, you guys know what I mean!

Anyway, last Saturday night, my mom, Colton & I went to see Veggie Tales Christmas Live! It was so cool! Colton loved it. It was really neat! My mom got the tickets for us. It was great! There were guys and girls that danced and sang with the "Veggies". It was really quite entertaining...even to us Moms! The Veggies mouths moved and their eyes moved. Pretty cool. But, I have to say that the funniest part, hands down, was when the black part of one of Bob the Tomatoes' eyes came off, and he had one eye that looked like it had rolled in the back of his head!!! It was hilarious! We were rolling. It took them about 15 seconds to realize what had happened, so then Bob turned around and had his back facing us for the remainder of the song, and then one of the girls, while saying her part, non-chalontly (sp) put his eye back on! It was great! Mom and I were laughing for like 10 minutes...and then on the way home! Pretty funny! You probably had to be there! Anyway, we will definitely go again next year...but bring Hudson along too!!!

Now for the next update...I took Colton to the doctor on Wednesday for his checkup!!! Since we missed his 2 year checkup, we had to make up for that. I was a bit worried he would have to have a ton of shots, but he only needed one shot. So, we got that shot and the flu shot. He weighed in at 35.6 (I think she miscalculated...I think he weighs more, but oh well) and he is 38 inches tall. So, 3 feet, 2 inches!!! He is 75% for weight and about 73% for height!! So, he's pretty evened out! He's definitely slimming down! (and for all of you moms who think I'm terrible for not taking him to his 2 year checkup, we went at like 22 months, and then his doctor quit, so we had to change doctors. and then the pediatric department decided to close down. so I had to find a completely new doctor's office. Plus, with his insurance, Army insurance, we have to submit our Primary Care Physician to them before we can go there. It's kinda a lengthy process. But, i'm not complaining. Insurance is free. Dr.'s visits are free. And his meds are either $9 or $4. So, it's all good!) So, I have a healthy boy! Oh, during the visit, since it's a physical, they have to check EVERYTHING!!! So, when it came time to check his piener, he didn't want me to take his underwear off. He was crossing his legs and covering up himself with his hands. It was too cute. He was embarrassed!!! It was too cute! That's about THE only time in his little 3-year life that he has ever been embarrassed! Too cute!

What's next? Let's see? Oh, I won $100 American Express giftcard on the radio yesterday! I had to finish the Christmas song. It was Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you"! Pretty fun! I was very excited!

Well, I think that's it for now! I guess I should get back to work. I can't wait to see you, Rach! Everyone, have a great weekend!



  1. How cute about the penier. I look forward to those days with my baby. Congrats about the gift card. That is fun!

  2. So funny!! Way to go you little singer you :) DOn't forget to keep your day job! lol!

  3. First of all Colton is hilarious! Colton needs to teach Ty to be more modest! :)
    Secondly, the pics from the party are too cute!!! Are you going to Dallas at all during Christmas? We will be there the 21st through the 24th, maybe I can see you there or here?!!? I need a little more debbity doo in my life. :)

  4. I blogged a HUGE one, now its your turn missy. :)

  5. you're almost back to a month of no blogging...shame on you :(

  6. Aww you're the best!! I know we will grow old together :) And the only bad decision that I see you making is NOT BLOGGING ENOUGH :)


  7. Ok, it's time for a blog, missy!