Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, today is Wednesday, and I'm bored at work. It's raining outside and a little chilly! But, it's quite toasty inside! I think I might be ready for Spring...I haven't quite decided yet...but, I do know that I am tired of the rain, the cold rain to be exact! But, I don't mind the cold.

Speaking of Wednesday, I started Colton in the 3-year old choir at our church. They meet every Wednesday night. I am so excited for him!! Their musical is Wednesday, May 2nd, and they are singing 4 songs. The theme is Praise. They sent home a cd last week with all of the songs that they are singing. We listened to it on the way home, and Colton knew a lot of the songs...and some hand motions. It was really cute! I think I'm more excited than he is. He's got a really good voice, and he loves to sing! He has a cd player in his room with about 3 or 4 cds. I will catch him singing along whenever he's playing in his room. He knows every song...and he knows which one is coming up next. It's all just so cute and precious to me! I love it!

Colton has finally decided to start being a big boy! It's about dang time! He does pretty much perfect every day. Even this weekend, in Dallas, he wore big boy underwear all weekend while staying at his other grandparents. This is a huge deal...cause usually he doesn't care, and they don't make him. Well, everybody cares now! I'm so relieved! It looks like my baby won't be wearing a pull-up to kindergarten after all!!! WHEEEEEEEEEW!!

We visited Caleb, Colton's Daddy, this weekend at his parents house. That was fun. Caleb's other son, Zach, was there. This was the first time I've seen Zach since last March, and the first time Caleb's seen him since he's been back from Iraq. (Issues with Zach's mother...won't go into that!!) Anyway, the whole weekend was so much fun for the boys! They went to Aunt Jennea's music class, and then to Chucky Cheese, and then back to the house to watch Star Wars. I didn't get to witnes the music class or Chucky Cheese, but the rest of the time I did.

While the boys were playing, I got to play with my SeaStars! It was Rachel's birthday. Susanna and I went to the movies with Rach Friday night to see Catch and Release. Great movie. Then we went back to her house and chatted a bit before crashing. Mom met up with us the next day to do pedicures, and then off we went to meet Mama at Boston's for lunch. Well, we surprised Rach. Dad, who wasn't going to be able to come, met us there with Grandad, Derek and Hudson! Rach was so excited! She got lots of great gifts. The whole weekend was fun! HOORAY! I'm ready to do it again. The only bummer thing was Beka had to work, so she didn't get to come. But, I'm hoping she can next time!

Anyway, that's it for now. I think I've rambled long enough. Until next time!!


Cheers: To Fun Weekends with Family!
Jeers: To being bored out of your mind at work!


  1. What what wha!!! Is this true!!! Did you actually blog!!??? Whoohooo!!!

    Way to go Colt on being a big boy!! I can't wait for Hayden to be potty trained....I am so tired of huge stinky diapers!!

    Also, we sooo want to come to Colt's program...please send me times!! I will not miss it! :)

    Yeah yeah and yippee yeah for best friend blogs :) Whoohoo!! See you Sunday!

  2. Yay for Colton's potty training success!! That is SO exciting!!

    It sounds like you guys had a great time this weekend! And how fun about the 3 yr old choir! I bet it will be adorable!! :)