Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Name...A New Blog

Alright Folks, here it is! I finally got around to starting a new blog...with a new name! And I happen to like it! :) Boy do I have a lot to blog about...I've missed blogging. I think about doing it quite often, but the thought of all of the catching up that I need to do overwhelms me, and I move on to something else. Well, I'm at work right now, so no huge blogs, or pictures. I mainly just wanted to direct you to my new blog!

Blogs updates to come:
Colt's Birthday - and first day of Kindergarten, for that matter
Hud's Birthday
Beka's Wedding
Rachel's first Baby Shower
And just life in general

I hope you are all doing well. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas season. I have a niece that will be making her appearance right after Christmas...or sooner, if we are lucky. I also have a nephew that will be making his appearance the end of March. Lots of Baby Showers...and planning. I am so excited...and so happy...and so blessed.

My little man is 6 now. I can't believe it. He is in Kindergarten, and doing pretty far. We had a bit of a rough start, just getting used to everything, but he's doing well. He just got a new two-wheeler bike, so we will be learning to ride that. No more training wheels! Hooray! This Spring he will be playing baseball, and taking swimming lessons. Gotta get ready for the summer! We will have two more babies to look after...I gotta make sure my little man can hold his own! :)

I hope this finds you all well...and happy. This year has been all about blessings, it seems. I just feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family, a great God who knows just what I need and can handle, wonderful friends that keep me sane, and the list goes on and on.

Keep checking...cause there's more to come.



  1. YAY! :) I love your new blog, and I'll be checking it! :) Can't wait to see more posts soon!