Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awaiting the Princess

So I'm at my sister's house in Dallas, awaiting the arrival of my niece...which should happen tomorrow. I am so excited! Mom, Colt and I left home about 1ish, and drove straight here. It was cold and rainy and by the time we got to Dallas it was Snowing!!! We dropped Colton off at his other grandparents, and then drove to Rachels. Once there, after quickly giving us the rundown of Hud's schedule, she and Derek left for the hospital. They are staying the night tonight...starting some meds tonight...not the powerful stuff, just stuff to get her started and help the baby to "drop". Then, in the morning they will give her petocin. And then starts the fun stuff!! :)

Tonight, Hud and I played many rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippo. It was so fun! He is precious...so sweet. It was nice to "just be" with Hud...nothing else going on, just him and me...and mom...playing and hanging out. I got to read him his bedtime story...he picked Samson. And then I sang a few songs. Before I left he was already asleep. That boy must've been tired, because he never goes to sleep that quickly. Or maybe I've got the magic touch! :) Either way, he is precious...and I love him so much.

I am so excited for Rach...and her little, growing family. So many memories of when Hud was born. Such a hard time in my life...but he brought joy to it. The day he was born, was the day I got divorced. I had to hurry to court and take care of that before I could drive up to Dallas. I was so worried I would miss his arrival...but I didn't. Well, I did, but not because we didn't make it to the hospital in time. Rach had decided that I could be the one to take the pics during the birth, but because she was having so many complications, and such a hard time, the doc said no visitors. I was not happy! hah! And he knew it! He told Rach the next day "I don't think your sister likes me." She laughed and said "She's just going through a rough time right now...nothing against you." But it was a little against him...not gonna lie! hah Oh well...water under the bridge. Derek came out and showed us pictures and introduced "Hudson Michael Phillips" into the world! We were all so proud! I love that little man so much...and am so excited to watch him with his new Baby Sister.

Rach, I love you...and am praying for you. God has big plans for you guys.

I hope to keep everyone updated. For now...keep Rach and "Little Miss" in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. I love this blog! You are such a great Aunt to Hudson and will be as well to Presley Mae! Thanks for your help with Hud...and yes, that is extremely abnormal for him to fall asleep before you were done singing! Love you! So glad you are in a better place this time around!