Monday, January 10, 2011

A Plan up His Sleeve

Many of you have heard or read about the 21-day fast that churches are doing, starting today and going through January 30. Well, I have decided to participate. It was a last-minute decision...made this morning about 8:00. I feel that God is urging me to do this. I've been a bit restless these past few weeks...searching and praying for what God has planned for my life this year. I know that going to school and taking care of Colton are the main points, but it's the details that I'm thinking about. I'm trying to not only give God the Big stuff, but also the little things in my life. (not an easy thing for me to do)

I researched the Daniel Fast:
per Daniel 1
1. Only fruits and vegetables
2. Only water for a beverage
per Daniel 10
3. No sweeteners and no breads

I have decided to do a variation of it. Had I had time to prepare for this, I would do it in it's entirety. So, this is what I'm doing:

No meat.
Only water to drink.
Eating mainly fruits and vegetables.
I am going to limit my bread and dairy.

Other than the food portion, I have decided to also fast:

Books - I will only read the Bible
Secular Music - Only listen to KSBJ and Christian cds

I spend so much of my time on facebook and looking up and listening to music, and most of my freetime is spent reading. I love to read...whether it's secular or Christian fiction, I'll read anything. This has taken away from spending time in God's Word, and having a devotional. So, I'm cutting those things out.

As for Colton, one of the websites had a scheduled devotional for the 21 days for kids. I plan on doing those with Colton...and not having him participate in the other parts of the fast. I know that spending time together in the Bible will do wonders for him and me...and our relationship.

My prayer is that God will open up my eyes to His Will. That he will give me a deeper hunger for Him. I know that He has a plan up His sleeve for me and for Colton...and I'm excited to experience it! Please keep us in your prayers whenever you think about us. I hope to blog during the next 21 days. God is good!



  1. I am really excited we are doing this together. I can't wait to see what God has for you two and for our family as well.

    You can do this! You are teaching your son something incredibly important through this and it will be amazing to see what comes of it.

    love you guys!