Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1st Day as Biker/Walker: Epic Fail

So let me preface this by saying:
  • Colt’s been wanting to be a Biker/Walker, specifically a Scooterer
  • His scooter is in less-than-ideal shape…to go straight, he has to turn the handlebar thingy all the way to the left. (No big deal, I was easily able to straighten it out. Which also means it can easily revert back to crooked.)
  • (I don’t really have anything for this bullet, but don’t you have to have at least 3?)
All that being said, here’s what happened:

At 2:00 yesterday, I decided today would be the day that we try out Colt being a Biker/Walker. You have to let the school know by 2:30, so I quickly called and after the 5th try I was able to remember my over-the-phone-important-decisions password. So, I hurry home to get my bike ready and get Colt’s scooter ready. We live about 2 miles from the school, so I wanted to leave by 2:50 to make sure I got there in plenty of time. I had planned on riding my bike, and holding Colt’s scooter. Well, when I got to the house, I decided “Why not just ride Colt’s bike?” I got it out, noticed the tires were super flat. No problem. I grabbed my bike pump and spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure the dang thing out. Turns out, I’m not an idiot. The pump is broken. No big deal. I’ll just ride my bike. (My bike is a road bike with special pedals that my bike shoes clip in to, so I can’t wear normal shoes.) I run upstairs, change my shoes, head back downstairs and out to the garage. I grab the scooter, hop on my bike (which I rode last week) close the garage door, and head out. Mind you, it is now 2:58. I get to the end of my street before I realize my tires are too flat to ride the 2 miles to his school and then back. How did that happen?  I just rode it last week!  So, I race back, spend 30 seconds trying to get the garage door to open, put my bike in the garage, race upstairs, change out of my bike shoes and into my tennis shoes, race back downstairs, grab my keys, out the door, grab the scooter and hop in my car.  It's too late to switch back to a Car Rider, so I'm on like Plan D at this point.  I decide to drive my car to the park that's about halfway between our house and the school.  Park. Hop out, grab the scooter, lock the doors, and off I go...ON THE SCOOTER!

I last about 10 seconds before I realize, I am not a Scooterer!!  Or at least, I've never ridden one, and this scooter is a piece of rickety crap! No problem, I'll just carry it and run!  After about a minute and a half I have to stop.  My legs are dying!  I've already worked out today, so my legs are screaming "Who do you think you are?  You aren't getting far on these sore legs!!"  So I start walking.  But my "Mom Conscience" kicks in saying "Hurry up!  Colt is going to be waiting, have  no idea what he's supposed to do.  He'll be looking all over for you!  If you're not there, he might get insecure. No walking!!"  So back on the scooter I go.  It can't be that hard, right?  So, I scooter on the right for about 30 seconds, then switch to my left...who knows which is the correct side for a right-handed person!  Back to running for another minute.  Then it's scootering time again.  I'm paying such close attention to the scooter when I hear this voice "I'm sorry.  Um, can I please get past you?"  A super athletic woman on a bike!  I am so embarrassed.  Because I've been all over the sidewalk.  No straight scootering for this Momma, no I look like an idiot I'm sure! Oh well, back on the scooter I go.  About 1 minute later I finally make it! (Yes, the super athletic woman on the bike is there, waiting for her kid.  I try not to make eye contact, and instead find a friend and quickly try to act cool.) 

I find Colt, he was insecurities with this kid!  We head back...him on the scooter and me walking! How embarrassed am I!


  1. Lol..i am cracking up. Deb I just love you. This would TOTALLY happen to me! Way to go. At least it was memorable :)

  2. I am laughing so hard!!! I can only imagine. Next
    Time can I please get a video of this?
    You make my life better.:)

  3. Thanks ladies! lol I wish someone had videoed! As embarrassed as I was, I KNOW it would've been hilarious to watch.

  4. You should write stories! This was great! :-) I could actually imagine all this happening. Love ya, Deb!