Monday, March 21, 2005

Hello Again!

It's Monday again! Hooray!

I had a great weekend! Colton, Dad and I went to dinner Friday night. That was a nice little date with two of the three men in my life! Boy do I love and cherish time with every one of them!!! Colton and Papa have such a great connection! Colton searches for Papa, especially at church. It's precious! I love to watch them play...just the two. It's so special! Anyway, back to my weekend, after dinner and after Susanna got off work and after Colton went to bed...Susanna and I watched Little Black Book. Boy was that a suprise ending! I never saw it coming! Then Saturday, I got laundry done, dusted and vaccuumed downstairs, and did some baking for the missions bake sale at church. Colt and I got to take a nap together...always a wonderful thing! He and I went and visited Aunt Beka (Geka) at work. We got to eat lunch together. Saturday night, Jared came over and we all watched Vanity Fair. It was a real interesting movie. You have to WANT to watch it in order to stay interested! But, it was still good. And then yesterday, we had church, ate lunch, took a brief nap, and then I took Colton to the church and left him with Susanna so that I could go hang out with Lindsay! We had such a nice visit and chat. We talked with her mother for about an hour and then went to Panera new favorite place! Lindsay is 12 weeks pregnant and had her first ultrasound today. I am so excited for her! She is going to be a wonderful little mama!

Caleb has been training last week for a special Medic Badge. He took his first test on Saturday and passed! Then he had his first hands on test yesterday and passed. He has his hardest one today, so please keep him in your prayers! He will have two more tests, and then on Thursday, he will have his final...a 12-mile road march that he must complete in 3 hours. He has done it before, so he knows he can do it! This badge is very hard to get. Only 10-15% of people who try for it get it, and usually they are higher ranked than Caleb. But, it is an honor to be able to try for it. I am so proud of him! He will be coming in town this weekend for Easter. I can't wait. And Colton will have his first-ever Easter Egg Hunt! But, he will have his own hunt! My sisters and I have a hunt every year. It is very competitive...and we wouldn't want to run over Colton! So, this weekend should be tons of fun!

Well, I guess that's it for now. I hope you all enjoyed my novel. Hope to talk to you all soon!



  1. Easter will be so much fun this year with Colton!


  2. You are a good writer. I enjoyed every line. Wonder if we get to see Colton when we go down there?
    Caleb is smart; I pray for him to be a man of wisdom.
    Love, Mama

  3. Good luck on your hunt!! I love easter egg hunts. Especially when there's money in them :) I had such a nice time with you this weekend. I'm glad we are such great friends!! See you again soon.