Saturday, October 11, 2008

PreSchool Chapel

This past weekend, Colton's class at school presented chapel. Man were they cute. They started off with the pledges (talk about bringing back memories of doing those every day for years), sang several songs, quoted scripture and a few poems. It was precious. I was so proud of him. They did motions with the songs and poems. It was great. Here are a few pics...most are blurry, but still something to look at. Enjoy!!

Colt did the Pledge to the Bible

The whole class and Mrs. Wallace.

Look at those sleepy eyes.

Singing bout an alligator or something.

Flappin away!

He kept yawning throughout the whole chapel. My mom kept saying "I put him to bed at 8, I promise"! :)

Standing sweet.

I love this pic. They were praying, and he was closing his eyes like he's supposed to. He has such a tender heart...he loves to pray.

Colton and his Mimi.

Colt and his Aunt Susanna.

Colt and his Aunt Beka.

Thanks Mom and sisters for coming along. Colt and I love that you are all such a great part of our lives.


  1. Oh, I wish I could have been there! There is no pic of Colt with his Aunt Rachel!! :( He is so stinkin' adorable, yawning, praying, singing, makin' motions! I love him to death! And yes, that totally brings back memories of our old days at ORCA! Gosh he is growing up!

  2. My favorite, has to be, the flying away picture. You have to post one of his pictures on here from Hallie's party. He is such a funny little man! I love it!

  3. Oh how cute!! He's such a cutie and seeing this pics really takes me strange how most of us are momma's now! Time flies, doesn't it?