Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Eyed...Deborah!!

Yeah, so we went to Galveston back in September. Colt, Susanna, her friend Liz and me. We stayed in a great resort on the beach, and had so much fun playing house. So, the last day we were there, I had Colt on one of those swimming pool floats (you know, the ones you lay out on and drink a margarita...I mean lemonade...!!). Anyway, I was guiding the float with him on it over the waves. Right as I lifted the edge up to go over the wave, the wave broke and shoved the float back, causing Colt's head to smack me in the face. Immediately, I felt my cheek swell up. I was trying not to panic, and just get him and me out of the water. I turned back to yell to Susanna, to let her know I was hurt, and that I probably would have a black eye. She yelled back "yeah, I can already see it from here"!!

So, long story short, my cheek might've been broken (although we will never know because I didn't go to the doc), and it did swell up as if there was a golf ball underneath it. Once the swelling started to go down, the colors started changing, not just on my cheek, but on my eye. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!

This is right after it happened. Susanna took a pic to show me how bad it really was. (as if I didn't know already!!)

Up close...and just plain ugly!!

After icing it off and on for an hour and a half.

The swelling is starting to move up to my eye.

The discoloration has begun!

The flowers Colt picked for me.

While I was out of the room, Susanna thought it would be funny to pretend the hotdog bun was an owie, and take pictures of herself. Check out her many poses.

Yeah, I came back and saw her. I laughed so hard...then I cried. So sad!

This was day three, I think.

My office thought it would be fun to have a different theme every day in my honor. You can guess some of the themes: pirate day, pound puppy day, football day (they came into the office with post-it notes stuck under their eyes where football players put that black stuff.) It really was a fun week.

I don't look too amused in this pic!

It took a while for it to finally get back to normal. There was discoloration for over 2 weeks, and my cheek was still a bit swollen even after 3 weeks. Now, it's been almost 2 months, and every once in a while my cheek will hurt. I can still feel a bit of a knot there, but for the most part...all is well!!

Here are a few other shots of our weekend...the good times!

The Gang

Colt's Treasure

I think these are Liz's sunglasses!

Making yummy koolaid!!!

Liz, Colt & Nan...and our yummy M&M collection!!

We really did have a fun time...despite the whole black eye thing! Can't wait to go again!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the eye! You poor thing! I'm so glad you're all better. I can't believe there is still a knot there! You locked HOT with your black eye! :)

  2. Oh my! I so would have thought your cheek was broken if you hadn't stated otherwise! Ouch! So glad it's healing - even if it's ever so slowly!

  3. Your poor eye. I'm glad its all better now. You are so beautiful even with a black eye :)

  4. You were the prettiest black eyed pea in the world!