Friday, October 10, 2008

Colt's First Day of His Last Year of Pre-K

Soooo....Colt started at his new school...a real school, not daycare...this past August. He is going to the same school that my sisters and I went to in elementary school. How cool is that! It's crazy...seeing him in the same uniforms that we wore (well, a bit updated, but you get it!!) and playing on the same playgrounds, with some of the same teachers. I'm so proud of him...cannot believe how old he is getting. This is his last year of Pre School...he starts Kindergarten next year.

So, here is the play by play...sorry it's almost 2 months late, but I've been busy...and lazy...and busy some more! Anyway, enjoy!! :)

"Good Morning, Good Morning, it's time to rise and shine...
...Good Morning, Good Morning, I hope you're feeling fine!!"

yeah...not wanting to get up...are we surprised?!?!

ok, ok...I'll get up!

Getting all fixed up with Aunt NooNee!!

Gotta brush those teeth!!
so cute...
There is still a hint of baby there...just a hint!
I'm all dressed and ready for breakfast!
What a little stud!
He wanted to take a pic, too. Did a pretty good job!
Colt and his Papa.
All strapped in like a big boy.
Aunt NooNee helping us carry in our school supplies.
One last hug for me and my little man!
Thanks Aunt NooNee for sharing the morning with us!!
Colt with his teacher, Mrs. Walace.
Colt & his friend Carter on their way to class.
Are they cute or what!?!

This is Colton's new class! YEA!

And that was his first day! He is doing great, and loves his new friends and teacher.


  1. Yea for a blog!!!!!!! What a cutie on his first day. His "waking up" pictures crack me up! I don't know where he gets it! :) He is getting so big! I love the picture of him that you said was still a little bit baby! Our babies are growing up!

  2. So glad you updated! :) And what a fun play-by-play. It will be fun to see how much has changed - or not changed by the time he is 18. :)