Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jesus Celebration With Friends

Last night Colton, Papa and I met BJ and Hayden at our church's Jesus Celebration. Colt went as a CARS racecar driver, and Hayden was Ragady Ann! They were precious! So cute! They had so much fun playing all of the games, fishing, petting the animals, riding the train and eating LOTS of suckers...they were Hayden's favorites! Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE the Jesus Celebration pics! Colton looks so cute as a race car driver! And Hayden looks absolutely adorable as Raggedy Ann! I can't believe how big she looks...she looks like a little girl! I'm not ready for this!! That was so sweet of you to get her the costume! You get the BFF award of the year! :)

  2. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS!!! I love will be so cute when they can show these pictures at their wedding!!;)
    I'm so sorry Colt is sick, but how much fun will we have on the 17th!!! WAHOO! Tell Caleb to save me a seat!:)
    See you soon!!!