Thursday, November 1, 2007

One-eyed Sleepy Face!
Attempting to keep his eyes open to open the Birthday Card!

Smiling at the Happy Face card!


Smiling with his new Car!

Dressed and almost ready to go...just gotta fix that hair!

Cheese! I'm ready to go to school!


  1. He is so grown up!!! Oh I can remember holding him in his Longhorn outfit and thinking he was the smallest baby ever! Now look at him :) Such a stud!

  2. I love the one-eyed pictures! So cute!! He looks so warm and cuddly in his bed!! I can't believe he is 4!! I agree w/Lindsay...I remember the Longhorn outfit that said Tailgate on the butt! So cute and tiny! Now he is so big, but cuter than ever!!