Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Taco "Boino"

Colton's new favorite place to eat (along with Aunt NooNee and me) is Taco Bueno...although he calls it Taco Boino! So, he decided that's where he wanted to have his Family Birthday Dinner. So, Colt and I met Aunt NooNee, Mimi and Papa there. We had presents and dinner. So much fun!


  1. Oh I just want to squeeze his little cheeks in that close up :) How fun! I will have to go there sometime with you guys. I've never been!

  2. What a fun filled day! I love it! Thanks for the play by play! I'm so sad we missed it and even sadder that he party is postponed, but we will be there for sure 11/17! Love you both so much!