Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eye Boogers Galore!!

Wonderin' how I suddenly had the time to post a million blogs? Well, I have Colton's pink eyes to thank for that! Yup! We are at home today with eye boogers galore! Quite disgusting, if you ask me!! lol So sadly, we have postponed his birthday party, which was supposed to be on Saturday, to the 17th. But, it actually works out quite well. 4 of his best friends weren't going to be able to come...and my sister, Rachel, and Hudson are still trying to get well. So, it will just be better all around!

Please pray that his eye boogers go away and he will be good to go...soon! I hope you all enjoyed all of our fun-filled pictures of late! He has had a fantastic week...with his birthday on Tuesday, and Jesus Celebration all day long on Wednesday!! Now he and I get special Colton-Mommy time at home...which, to be totally honest, I am loving! So, we will take advantage of these eye boogers today and tomorrow...but that's it...I want them gone after that!! lol


  1. Yuck! What a gross title! I'm so sorry Colt has the boogers! We were so looking forward to coming home for the partay!! At least when we come, Derek will be able to come this time!! :) Can't wait!

  2. Feel better Colt!! And enjoy your at home mommy-colt time while you have it Mamma!

    Thanks for coming and seeing me every thursday! I love our Grey's dates! Only one more at this location!!!!!! YEAH!!!!