Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Today's the big day! My baby turns 4!! I can't believe it! The years are just flying by...and I don't think I like it one bit!! lol

I woke him up this morning, camera in hand, with a birthday card and one present. The card is a Happy Feet card that when you open it, it plays music! So much fun. He loved it! As for the present, it was a car from the movie CARS...of course! He was very excited! So, the morning started out great! We then got dressed, brushed our teeth, fixed our hair, and hit the road!

I am taking an extended lunch. I am bringing him a CARS cupcake cake to school to share with his class. He is very excited! Then tonight, he has requested that we eat at Taco Bueno (or Taco Boino as he calls it). So, we will celebrate with the fam tonight! I think today should be a lot of fun! That's what I hope! He deserves a fun-filled day!

Stay tuned for another post later...



  1. Yea!!! Happy 4th Birthday Colton! I love you so much and can't wait to see you this weekend! Hudson too! :) I remember when your Mommy called me at 5 am 4 years ago today and said, it's time! I was up and at em and on my way! I got pulled over and escaped a ticket! I thought I was going to miss your big entrance into this world! You decided to take your sweet time and make your entrance at just the right time! We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as part of our family! See you soon!

  2. Happy Birthday Colt!! I hope you have a super fun day and weekend :) you are getting so big!Where are the pics mamma???

  3. Yes, his favorite is the one you got him. :) He loves to open up the last page and always points to the frog's toes. We count them! We read it every time we have a nap/bedtime! He pets the little fuzzy things--all the weird feeling stuff! So cute!