Friday, April 1, 2005

I Love Fridays!!

I know I haven't written in forever, but I actually have. I wrote on Tuesday, or maybe it was Wednesday, and I lost the entire thing. It was my longest blog EVER!...and of course, I just had to lose it!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Caleb was able to come in town. He got here Friday afternoon, about 3:30. Then, he and I picked up Colton from Mrs. Dianne's. That night we went to Kohls to get Caleb a few things and to look for me a skirt for Sunday.

Saturday was a busy day. That morning, our church had an outreach at the park. They had live music, a moonwalk, hotdogs and facepainting. It was so much fun. Colton got to play on the moonwalk for the first time. It was great! By the time that was over, he was pretty tired, so we went home and put him down for a nap. Caleb and I watched The Notebook while he was sleeping. I have been trying to get Caleb to watch it for forever! He was dreading it a bit, but ended up liking it! MEN! If he would've only trusted me sooner!

Saturday night, Caleb and I got to go on a date! I love Dates! We were planning on going to a late movie, so we had a couple hours to spend at dinner. We ate at Chuy's. It was wonderful. We sat outside. It was a bit chilly, but they solved that with outside about ROMANTIC! Our dinner was really good. And it was nice to spend time just the two of us, without having to rush! The movie was really good too! I LOVE DATES!

Sunday was the big finale of our weekend. We had church that morning. Jess, our Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor preached. It was really good. Our choir sang a special and my dad sang a special. I love when he sings. After church we went home and ate yummy dinner. Then...da da da daaaaaaaa...Colton had his first ever Easter Egg Hunt. We had to do it inside because it was really cold outside. At first, he just wanted to go outside, but then we showed him some of the eggs, and he really got into it. He found one egg at a time, put it in the basket and then went for another one. It was great! The big finale to his hunt was a huge egg from Mimi (my mom) had a stuffed Barney in it! He loved it! He loves Barney! How fun!

Then, us four girls had our hunt outside. My dad hid the eggs outside while we put our tennis shoes...mind you we were still wearing our Easter dresses/skirts! We looked hilarious! And guess who won?...............................ME! I beat Rach by one egg. She blamed it on Susanna cause she pushed Rach out of the way on an egg. Oh well, Finders Winners, Losers Weepers!!! We topped off our hunt with Easter Basket Cake. It was scrumptious!

Then it was a sad time...Caleb had to leave and Rach had to leave. But, we all had a wonderful weekend! I love Easter weekend! The traditions are what make it so much fun!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful easter. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your hubby. What did you see at the movies?? We saw the Ring 2...kind of wierd. See ya!

  2. I could have fought Susanna for that last egg, but I let her have it b/c I am nice! Why do the nice people always finish last? Oh well! Hope you have a great weekend! You better keep up w/your blog...I go nuts waiting for you to post! :) Love you!