Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Recap on Tuesday!

Well, if you have read my previous blogs, you would know that Caleb was given a chance to meet President Bush. Well, it didn't quite turn out as we thought it would, but it was still an awesome experience! Here goes...

Caleb called me and told me I could come too, so I jumped in my car and drove 3 1/2 hours to Fort Hood Monday night. Instead of it just being his Batalion or Company that was invited, it was the whole Fort...over 25,000 soldiers! and their families. We were told to be in formation @ 5:00 Tuesday morning, so given the fact that over 25,000 people are going to be trying to get to the same place as us, at close to the same time, we decided to get up @ 2:30, and leave by 3:15...and we were still nervous that we wouldn't make it through the gate and to formation in time. Well, we were wrong. We zipped right through that gate, and were there by 3:30. So, we waited...and waited. Others were there, so Caleb was constantly introducing me to new people. Everyone was extremely nice. They start lining up and meeting @ 5:00, and we didn't get moving until 5:30. (Now, what I didn't realize or wasn't informed about, was that it was going to be EXTREMELY COLD!!! and we would be walking everywhere!) So, I dressed up in my Sunday skirt and heals! And I was FREEZING! Not just a little, my teeth were chattering, my toes and fingers were aching! It was miserable. But, I was a good little army wife and I didn't complain...but they knew I was cold and offered me a blanket...which would later be the envy of all the other army wives!!!

So, we march over to where we were to meet up with the rest of his company, or whatever you call it (I'm not too clued in to what is what)...and we stand around until 7:00. We then proceed to march to the field...yes, you heard me correctly...field, where the ceremony is being held. I thought it would be an auditorium or at least a stadium...with seats! Boy was I wrong. We get through the metal detectors and to our spots around 7:30. The President is not scheduled to speak until 10:00. So, until then we were entertained by country singers. It was a lot of waiting. I was told we could only bring our ID cards and a camera...NO BAGS! W

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  1. I looked for you in the crowd...but didn't see you. Oh well so cool that you got to be there and see your hubby!!