Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Updates on Yesterday!

Well, let me just tell you how smart my son is!!! ;)

He went pee pee in the big boy potty TWO times yesterday at Dianne's house! When she was getting him ready for his nap, and putting a new diaper on him, he started saying "pee pee! pee pee!" So she asked him if he needed to go pee pee and he said "uh huh!" (that is a yes) So, she put him on the potty and he went!!! Then, he went again after his nap. What a smart boy! As you can tell, I am a very proud mother...I am beaming right now!!!

Friday, Caleb might be coming in for the weekend, so we can go together to get him some rubber pants, and training pants. Hopefully we won't even have to mess with pull-ups! Basically, I don't know that much about potty training, so whatever Dianne says, that's what I'm going to do! Cause she knows her stuff. Oh, she took a picture of him going potty for the first time!! That one's going in the baby book!!! WAY TO GO COLTON!!!

Well, I better get to work. Oh, my Sea-Star, Rachel, is in town. She came in town for my dad's birthday. He turns 21 today! Isn't it crazy that we are both the same age! How wierd. Well, Happy Birthday, Daddy! He's so sweet! Well, have a great day, everyone!


  1. Way to go, Colton! He is smart like his mother and daddy. And his grandaddy, Poppa! He does show signs of great maturity for such a young age. I am praying that he be precocious in his knowlege and love of the Lord. I'm sure Diane and you are teaching him well.
    Love, Mama

  2. Why does Caleb need rubber pants? :) Love you! :) Way to go Colton!