Monday, August 27, 2007

Alright, we've finally made it downstairs! Our hair is fixed, our teeth are brushed...we have all of our clothes on and our shoes on the right feet! Now it's time to check out the new Cars folder that Aunt NooNee got him! So cool! Of course, he has to name all of the cars before he can put it back in his new Cars backpack!

Now for the predictable pic with Mom! So precious! I just love him to death!

Time to get the back pack on! But it's hanging down a bit much, so I've gotta tighten it up!

"Come on Mom, how hard can it be!"

"Mom...hurry up already!"

"Here, 'bout we put in on frontways! on my tummy!"

Well, that didn't now we are back to just holding it...which we all know lasted about 2 seconds before it became too heavy, and Mom ended up holding it!

Alright, time for more Mommy-Colton pics! Can't take too many of those!

"Come on Mom, she said say 'Cheeeeeeeeeese'!"

Alright, enough of that picture nonsense, I gotta check out the pockets again!

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