Monday, August 27, 2007

Ok, so we finally made it to the car! He already looks worn out! lol (He looks a lot like his older half brother, Zach in this precious!)

There we go again with the fake smile!

And we're walking in! He has decided to show off his Big Boy Muscles and carry in his backpack...refusing any help from Mom! (How cute do we look! Pretty soon he will catch up with me...and pass me up in height! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! Definitely not ready for that! Let's just stick to preschool!)

This is the before-school classroom where he will eat breakfast and play until 8:00. He did just fine...just walked right in!

Here he is busy checking out the toys...while I am getting ready for the big goodbye hug!

And there it is! "I love you Colton!" "I love you too, Mom!" "Have a good day, Colt!" "Ok...bye Mom!"

And that was it! That was the end of our morning! Thanks to Aunt NooNee for taking pictures!

I picked him up after work. He had a great day...and was such a good boy! His favorite part was playing with the cars! He couldn't remember any of the boys and girls names...but he did say that he had girl teachers. I said "Oh, you have two lady teachers?" "Mom, ladies are girl teachers...that's what they are...just girl don't have to say lady teachers!" (well, scuse me! lol he set me strait on that one!) I didn't know if he would be open about sharing his day, but as long as I kept asking questions, he kept answering! Then, after about 10 minutes of talking he said "can we please turn some music on?" and I said "but I'm not done talking about your day!" "ok" Then, once we got on our street he said "Ok, NOW can we listen to some music?" (as if to say...ok Mom, enough questions about's just school! gosh!)

Overall, I was very pleased with the day! I think this will be a great school for Colt and a good place for us. I'm excited about the days, weeks, months to come...about sharing the fun things that he says and does! I hope you all enjoy!


  1. So cute!!!! I love the play by play! And he does look so old and grown up all of a sudden! I'm so glad he had a great first day and that you made it through the day ok! I dread next week!

  2. oh how sweet, thank you for capturing those pictures for us. He looks like such a big boy and oh so excited to be going to school. I can't believe how fast they grow up. You have such a cute little boy.
    OH and I really like your shirt! :)

  3. Deb, you better fess up to the true owner of that shirt! ;)

  4. I loved reading all about his first day at school. What a big boy he is :) He is so cute in his khaki shorts and shirt! He looks so grown up.

  5. What a monumental memory. I am glad you recorded it. I have some really precious memories tucked away in my heart with no pictures to show you. I love y'all.

  6. I seriously got a little teary! I cannot believe Colt is in REAL school! Crazy!!! Little Mr. Colton Andrew is really growing up! Ty wanted to hear about it over and over again. You looked so gorgeous!!! Way to good for a Mom with a kid in school!!!!!

  7. So fun! :) Thanks for letting us all be a part of the big day! He really does look so grown up in those shots, and what a big boy to say good-bye so easily! :) I was cracking up when you wrote about Colton sharing his day with you. Too funny!

  8. Awww this was such a sweet description of his first day. It must have been hard and yet exciting at the same time. He's so cute Deb.