Monday, August 27, 2007

Today is the Big Day!!

Well, as all of you know, today was Colton's first day of Preschool at his new school!! We have all been so excited about this new change! Our baby...all grown up and going to preschool! Crazy! Anyway, here is a bit of a play by play! I hope you all enjoy!

My little man just snoozing away...he did not want to get up for ANYTHING!

Here he is again...trying to drown out the noise of morning! (I try to be sweet and easy in the morning...he just doesn't always appreciate it! lol)

Up close and personal! "Come on Mom, just one more minute!"

Ope, looks like Mimi has finally gotten his attention! He is excited to show her the new cars he got this weekend while visiting Mimsi and Poppy!

"Cheeeeeeese" Can you tell it's early!

1 comment:

  1. So fun!!! What a great idea to take all of the play-by-play pics! :)

    Carson just got that cars pillow-book this weekend and he LOVES it! :)