Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pics from the Choir Performance!

This is when they held hands to walk up to the stage. Colt didn't know what to do, so he started to sit down!! So cute!

So cute just standing there waiting...not sure what he's waiting for...but he's waiting patiently!

This was the moment he saw me...and the rest of us! He was so excited!

A few of the kids were doing the hand motions...the rest of them were doing good just to sing along! It really was fun!

Afterwards, they had a special time for refreshments: cookies and yummy punch! Lindsay, BJ and Hayden tried to make it for the performance, but it started earlier than we thought it would. But, they made it just in time for the refreshments! Hayden wanted to check out the stage. She was ready to do her own performance. The whole night was a lot of fun!


  1. He did such a great job :) I love that he kept calling to you...that is the cutest! Can't wait to see you Saturday!!

  2. Awww! Yay for lots and lots of updates! :) It sounds like Colton did so well, and the pics are absolutely adorable! :) The horse pics are fun too!

    I would be SO annoyed with your boss! How retarded.... I got kind of miffed for you as I read that post!

    I hope Colton has so much fun at preschool! I can't wait for Carson to be in preschool! I'm with you, only positives, and so many fun things! :)