Wednesday, August 1, 2007

He Did It!!

He did it!! Colton sang with his little choir buddies for the production! I know that you guys have been in suspense for 3 months I figured I would fill you in!

He did great! I took him to his classroom and then we (my parents & Susanna) went to where they were going to perform. We waited...and then in they came! Colton was in the front of the line. They were all holding hands. It was precious! They walked up to the front, not too sure about where they were going. Then proceeded up the risers. Colton hadn't practiced on the risers, so he had no idea what he was supposed to do. So, he went to the second one and started to sit down! lol The lady helped him get to his spot. It was so cute! He looked so big yet so little at the same time, you know?

So, once they were all lined up, the teacher introduced them, and then started the music. (we didn't sit on the front row. I didn't want to distract him. We sat on the 3rd or 4th row.) At this point he hadn't seen us yet. They all sang...well, some of them. A lot of the kids just kind of looked child included. The moment he saw me his whole face lit up...and he had the biggest smile! He mouthed "Mommy!" and just looked so cute & excited! I started mouthing the words, so he started singing.

They sang 4 songs in all. And in between each song, Colton would say "Mommy, I need you, Mommy! I need you!" It was precious! The first time people cracked up laughing. The second and third time they started looking around to see who his mommy was. I was so proud!! ;) I'm sure you can imagine!

They all did so good...even on the hand motions. Some more than others! We video taped it, but I don't have the parts to put it on the computer. I thought I did, but it didn't come with it. So, one day, i will post the video. I do have a few pictures. So, maybe, if you guys are lucky...I will post the pics when I get home tonight! ;) (but don't get your hopes up!)

So, that's that update! I hope it was worth the wait! I have never felt more like a mom than I did that night! I was so proud! I can't wait till next time!


  1. Yay! I have been checking your blog every day waiting for a new update. I'm so glad Colton did so well on his production. I could just imagine Addyson in the choir saying "mommy I need you" and it makes my heart shine. Kids are so great. Thanks for updating!!

  2. Finally you are back! Gosh, Ty missed out!!! I'm glad Colt did so good!!!!