Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Decision Has Been Made!!!

I have finally chosen between the two Preschools for Colton. I picked the one closer to us. I was a little nervous about sending him there because this is their first year and I didn't really want Colton a part of the "experiment year" know what I mean? Well, I went to the Open House last Saturday and felt completely at ease. The Director knew exactly what she was talking about and had great answers for all of my questions. The school actually starts on August 13th, which is next Monday. But, we weren't planning on starting the other school until August 27th, which is 2 weeks later. The new school said it would be fine if we waited till the 27th, that a lot of the kids weren't starting until then. Plus, I don't want to pull him out of Dianne's care early #1 because she might not be ready for that emotionally, seeing as he has been a part of her life almost every day for the past three years...and #2 she probably needs the money, seeing as she is leaving for a 2 week vacation on the 26th. So, the 27th it is!

I am so excited! And Colton is getting pretty excited too! I know that he will do so well. I can't wait!

Another milestone...Colton slept in big boy underwear last night! He has been ready for months now, I think...he wakes up dry every morning. But, whenever I asked him at night if he wants to wear big boy underwear, he always hesitates and says no. Well, last night he said YES! So, I made a HUGE deal out of it...letting him know what a big boy he was! And this morning, when he woke up dry, I praised him even more! And it was a big deal at Dianne's house too!

So, all of these Big Boy decisions and's kind of a lot on a mom! ;) But, I am enjoying it! Now I get to go school clothes shopping...along with a few supplies like a new backpack and lunchbox. I can't wait! School supplies shopping was always my favorite growing up! I will post pics as we get things!!

On to other news...Rach and Hudson are here for the weekend! I am soooooooooo excited! They got here today. I won't get to play tonight because I have class, but tomorrow night and the rest of the weekend I will! YEA! We have Lindsay's twin baby shower on Saturday, so that should be a blast! I will try and take plenty of pics this weekend!

Hope you guys have a great rest of your week and weekend!



  1. How fun that Rach is in town...I guess my preggo brain didn't put two and two together :)

    Colton is such a big boy!! Way to go for big boy underwear! I can't believe he is really starting school. Our babies are growing up way to fast!! Its so sad and exciting at the same time. I can't wait to see him all decked out for his first day!!

    Soooo fun!

  2. YAY COLT!!! Go big boy, go!!!!!Can I please tell that I think it was really cute that you signed your blog at the end? I felt like it was a little letter to me!:) I crack myself up!! SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  3. How exciting about the schools! I CANNOT WAIT to get to do school shopping again! :) Have so much fun with your sis and Hudson in town! Wish I was able to join everyone at Lindsay's shower! :)

    Have so much fun!

  4. Wow, that's so crazy your little man is school bound! I guess I have some catching up with all you ladies and I need to start working on getting some school kiddos of my own! :)

  5. What a delightful blog! I enjoyed it very much. I love the pictures too. Aren't you going to make your blog private like Rachel's? I think it is safer from all those weirdos out there. Love you!

  6. I need a new post from you. I need to hang out with my buddy, Colt too!!! Tell him he can call me anytime! :)